My New Dog Neechi

My New Dog Neechi

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My New Dog Neechi

The time I got my first new dog, Neechie, from the Clarion Humane Society was real joy. I remember making the phone call to the Humane Society in Clarion, Pennsylvania, on July 5, 1994. I had just asked the volunteer worker who answered the phone, “Do you have a little dog there that needs a loving and caring home?” She said that they had just received a little puppy a few days before. My heart leaped in my chest. I was so excited that I wanted to get there as fast as I could. My friend and I drove off in my car to the Humane Society so fast that I did not notice anyone or anything from my house to our destination. It was like we were traveling at the speed of light. We were at my house; then instantly we were there! As I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the large cement building. It looked so cold and expressionless, and I barely noticed the small, old, ragged sign that hung between two poles about four feet off the ground. “Definitely not hip on the advertising,” I thought to myself. Then all sorts of thoughts came over me like a rushing river. I was so excited and so happy. I felt heroic because I was going to save a little dog, from “The Pound,” as some people would say. I don’t like that term, but I soon understood it after I entered the building. The first thing I remember was the smell. It was like a still stagnant pond, almost lifeless and algae ridden as if it could not breathe and needed a refreshing rainfall to bring life back into it again.

The sounds I heard were of rattling metal and clanging noises from the dogs and cats pawing at their cages and tipping over their dishes with excitement and hopes of a new and loving home where they would feel safe and loved. Oh, how my heart ached as I looked around at wall-to-wall cages filled with wagging tails and exultant eyes. After the initial shock of it all, my thoughts went back to my little puppy. The volunteer greeted me happily and led me to a little room where the small dogs were kept. There she was I saw her right away! She sat so still and patient, her little black nose almost touching the cage bars.

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Her large brown piercing eyes stared so intently at me, and they never blinked, not for a moment. She was the color of the ocean sands. Her head tilted ever so slightly downward with a kind of quiet humility, but her eyes were still gazing at me with anticipation. I turned to look at the other puppies, and they all seemed to be content. Some were sleeping and others eating. As I looked back at my little puppy, she never moved. Her eyes stayed fixed on me. I said to the volunteer, “I will take her home!” The volunteer took her out of the cage and put her into my arms, and, oh, the intense flood of emotion that came over me was overwhelming. Such joy and gladness filled my heart. She was beautiful She was shy and timid, but I could see that she was comforted by my embrace. She was about the size of a baby’s shoe box. I filled out all the necessary paper work, adoption papers, and birth certificate. She was nine and a half weeks old and about three pounds. Then off we went and headed for home.

As we were driving home, Neechi curled up in a little ball and snuggled comfortably in my protective arms. She already knew she was home, in my arms. I was her hero; she was now my baby, my pride and joy. Years have gone by now, and Neechi will be ten years old this July. She weights about eleven pounds now. We’ve had many wonderful years together, and we’ll have many more. She’s not the shy timid little puppy she was. She is so full of spunk and energy. She is very happy and loved, and I feel loved by her. There will never be a moment in time that I would ever regret the day that I walked into the Humane Society and took home my first new puppy, Neechi Lee Kerr-Gilbert. It was the most hearfelt and loving experience of my life.
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