Materialism In Hong Kong

Materialism In Hong Kong

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Materialism In Hong Kong

Is the Materialism serious in Hong Kong? Do people
in Hong Kong dream of wealth and bodily comfort
rather than spiritual and intellect things?
Absolutely. Living in a thriving, busy and booming
city which dreams for wealth and treat the luxuries
as a sign of success through the effect of media and
the attitude of enjoy-the-life-the-most, misery and
impoverished characteristics are dishonoured,
however, it makes the whole society in Hong Kong
falls into an unlimited cliff, people would never
remember what the reality and the value of their life.

The most obvious way of proving materialism in
Hong Kong is the flooding of advertisement and quick
develop of luxuries, brand-named goods companies.

The idea of become "rich" is hot around Hong Kong.

There was a survey states that almost 70% of the
undergraduate student looking for the goal of a
better job, high salary and higher living standard
after they graduate rather than study for their
interest or fulfilment of their unlimited field.

Theory of success has been distorted by the over
loaded mass media in Hong Kong. It is easy to know
where you can buy the brand-named and expensive
clothes and usually they strongly mention about which
successful person or movie stars have them. People
then agreed with the message comes from the mass
media and make themselves "look like" a successful
person rather than being a "real" successful person.

The dreams of wealth has the first position in Hong
Kong atmosphere.

Most of the children who are raised in a high living
standard family and bathing in the pool of parents'
adore has been receiving over loaded information from
television and advertisements. Before a child enters
first grade class, and before entering in any real
way into our religious ceremonies, a child will have
soaked in a large amount of advertisements. The time
Hong Kong teenagers adsorbing advertisements more
than their total stay in high school. Especially in
the small area residence environment in Hong Kong.

Most of the small sized families have their
corresponding small sized flats since the price of
real estate in the market was in hyper inflation few
years ago and never fall down its price. Children
spend their time in watching TV instead of going
outside, doing sports or reading books compared to
the other countries. They have been raised and built
up their mind mostly by the commercial TV programmes
such as advertisements where children receive their
ethnic value, their basic grasp of worlds' meaning
and therefore create the habit of buying luxury

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goods, indeed, bring this feature with the children
when they grow up.

The practice of buying useless or luxury goods can
be considered of wasting. It is a serious effect of
materialism in Hong Kong. People buy products with
the reason merely because they want it, but never
think about they need it or not. For instance, there
was a trend of buying cards which are printed
pictures of movie stars or sport starts on it, they
are useless and expensive, they don't even have the
grandee of quality . People buy them because the
constant advertisements on TV which gave a strong
message of having those valuable and collectable
cards is showing you are the outstanding people among
your friends. Although this can be considered as a
childish idea, many people still bought it crazily.

After the trend, the cards are no longer exist and
nobody wants it when people began to throw away their
"valuable and collectable" cards in to the garbage
bin. A tree can produced 10,000 cards, if there were
10,000 people have the cards and each of them have a
full set, that is 100 cards, therefore 100 tress
would be gone just for these cards in Hong Kong which
only exist for half of a year, and then theses 100
trees were thrown away. Materialism in Hong Kon g
has raised up environment pollution as its result.

The growing wealth gap between both rich and poor
in Hong Kong is wider than the last decade. Since
the idea of wealth has been grown deeply in Hong
Kong, the poor people cannot afford to buy those
expensive and luxury goods which represents an image
of success are easy to jealous of the others. Many
social problems could be created, such as robber,
stealing, or fighting between the poor and the rich.

It is an unhealthy situation in social problems
according to the Hong Kong society. Undistributed
income in the economy is the same as unequal value of
determining a person.

In conclusion, materialism idea therefore is the
aspect of people in Hong Kong which can be considered
as over consumption. The dreams of wealth and vogue
of having brand-named products become popular in Hong
Kong. If this fashion goes on and doesn't its
attitude, more environment pollution and possible
social problems finally would be the sacrificed
events under the serious materialism in Hong Kong.
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