The Electronics Industry in India

The Electronics Industry in India

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The Electronics Industry in India

The Electronics industry is one of the fastest growing industries right from its origin. The profit brought out of this is much more compared to other olden industries. India is one among the largest economies in the world and has a good GDP among emerging economies. The birth and growth of this industry in India is quiet interesting. With large population and the potential consumer demand is almost unlimited and hence a strong growth performance could be expected. The base of this industry. Basically Indian market is a consuming market, it grows as people consume more. The liberalization of the economy by 1991 has helped to a rapid growth this helped the electronics industry in India as one of the most important and emerging markets. The start of this industry here dates back to early 1960’s.Electronics was primarily focused to develop in the filed of communication systems for radios, telephony, telegraphy, and television broadcast. A lot of importance was given for the augmentation of defense capabilities. Till 1980’s the electronic sector was government owned. From there on the growth of the electronic industry took off due to economic changes resulting in the globalization of the economy.
The electronic industry recorded a very high growth in subsequent years by 1990’s.
Private, foreign investments were encouraged. This was the starting point of forex to pour in. Easing the Norms for the investment, reduction in duties and deli censing of several consumer electronic products marked attraction of foreign investors. The domestic circle response to this was also favorable to the government policies. Allowing this industry for the private sector enabled entrepreneurs build industries to meet suppressed demand. Improvements in this industry have not been only to a particular area but in each and every process right from acquiring the raw materials to the packed product. Long steps have been made in the area of consumer products, communication, biomedical instrumentation, networking and defense. This resulted in significant market growth by late 1990’s. The sales of some basic units increased three-fold .the main area of focus has now turned to design, Compact packing and to provide vale added service.
Analyzing the strength of this industry it has a competitive advantage by providing high quality-low price, large trained manpower poll. The key strength being developed infrastructure as compared to the mechanical industry. The software technology parks that have been established are providing the necessary software orientation for this industry.

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With VSNL providing communication links worldwide it has been easier for this industry to rise quiet quickly. The electronic industry has boomed from its origin till now in India. But now it is facing a threat from china .The domestic players there have rose up to a point to challenge the international market. Even some of their products are challenging the western makes. If India wants to stay in the fight in the international market it must bounce to the basic mantra, customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. Having a large poll of skilled and technologically advanced manpower and international gateways at several locations it must not be a big problem.
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