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I was pleased to find out that I was a centrist. It’s true that I favor government intervention in some cases, but in other cases, people should be able to govern themselves. Here in the land of freedom, I think it would be impossible for the government to control everyone and every activity. For example the FCC coming up with a plan to crack down on pornography distributed through cable or the “Howard Stern” show which will soon be going to satellite radio. People are paying for theses services. If the conservatives feel that FCC should crack down on what people pay to see, their wrong. Another good example. Conservatives disagree with abortion or adoption no matter what the circumstances “supposedly”, but I guarantee you that if one of their daughters were forced to have non-consensual sex, they would send her away for an abortion or give the baby to responsible couples who can’t have children. There’s absolutely no way a conservative would approve of their 15-17 year old daughter taking of a baby that was not wanted. Besides, the baby will be a mess. Once that kid grows up to find out how he or she was conceived, they won’t know what to think.

I do, however, think that the government should regulate money being spent on welfare.
People who are on welfare should be forced to keep a log of what they spend their money on. That way these women who go out and spend $200 dollars to get their done instead of using the money to take care of the kids they had (probably out of wedlock or not planned), would be punished with a jail sentence. The children could then possibly be adopted. While the woman is in jail, the government could find all of the men that fathered those kids and make them work for the government or get a decent job in order to support the children. If and only if the father wasn’t around (dead from violence or aids), the kids could be adopted by a better family who can show them the right way to success so that they can grow up to become better parents. This might sound bogus, but I think the government should crack down on STD infected people. Today, once a person is tested positive, their name goes into a database with other infected patients.

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In addition to that, I think the government should make each person get a tattoo on his or her stomach that says that they have some sort of STD with the type (AIDS, SIPH, HIV, etc.). This will control the so-called epidemic even more. There are men and women that think it’s cool to have sex with 50-100 people and it’s just insane that the government is spending money on research for cures of this “uncontrollable” disease. The only acceptation that should be made is if the hospital uses a dirty needle (then it’s the hospital problem) or a male or female is raped. So I’m not saying the government should cut all the money from research, but some of it. Before taking the quiz, I had no clue were I stood, but now I know that I am a centrist. I agree and disagree with issues.
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