Mob Protesters Right or Wrong

Mob Protesters Right or Wrong

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Mob Protesters Right or Wrong

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My essay is only around one thousand five hundred words long and in that one and a half thousand words I must give points of views from both sides as well as a introduction and this Essay Outline. The first opinion I will write about is the opinions of the labour supporters, saying how They suffered because of the petrol protests, the rights wrongs and how the wrongs were or tried to be sorted out and how long it took. Also in labours defence I shall write about how Tony Blair thinks that a cut in fuel tax will cause more problems in the future. Also I will right about the opinions of the petrol protesters, how they are helping the nation on the over taxed fuel, because they are not doing the protests for fun (although they might look fun). The newspapers I read showed what Tony Blair said about his taxing but where most of it was lies or misleading. Also what he actually did with our taxes and how some of it just went to waste like how he cut 140 road improvements programs to only 37 or how his ten-year £180billion partnership with John Prescott took tree years to sort out.

Is this because of his poor money management or is he getting an extra million or two in his pocket each year? These important points might creep up with some more in my essay.
But to end my essay I shall Finnish with a conclusion that contains an overall view of the essay. A thanks to where I got all my information for the essay, how the essay developed and how my point of view developed as I learnt more on what happens to our taxes while labour is ruling parliament. But most importantly asking the reader the question I was given, but a little briefer, ‘ should we wait for an election to sort out the taxation problems or should we stand up and demand lower taxes to solve the taxation problem’.


Should the government have total control over our taxes and we can not do anything about it. Should we be able to stand up for the taxes we pay or should we wait weeks, months or years for another election. Or should we be happy for taxes knowing that it’s going towards our health, safety and education.

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So that every time we use gas, electricity and water goes to our well being or aid in another county in need such as Kosovo: Where peace keeping forces were sent in with aid for homeless refugees. Or Bangladesh: where aid and rescue forces were sent in to help the victims to the mass flooding. Or every litre in our tank is an extra nurse or doctor in a hospital. Unfortunately it also goes o pay the extremely large salaries of the M.P’s, so if an M.P. wants a raise and gets one, up go the taxes. In the past three to four years as Tony Blair as Prime Minister the tax burden of Briton has rose from 35.4% to 37.6%. These are results from a survey made by the OCED, the Overseas Export Credit Department. There are many opinions on the matter of taxes, but they all split up in to two main points of view. They are: ‘ taxes are too high because Tony Blair spends it on houses and holidays’, and secondly, ‘Because Tony Blair was elected taxes have only gone up because it goes for our health, safety and education in Briton and in other Less developed countries.

Although we might not know many people who hold the second point of view, they are the two very different opinions held buy the tax paying citizens of Briton and Tony Blair and his supporters. You don’t need to be the brain of Briton to tell which is which, so which is the correct point of view but don’t decide until you have read the whole essay.

Arguments: For Labour

Many people in labours defence would say he has done not too badly with the taxes he has been given. He has said himself that primary school results are the best Briton has seen, because he chose to invest in primary school education. His new deal with unemployment has helped more than a million people in work training to get permanent jobs in the U.K. This was the biggest job program Briton has ever seen, but the money did not come out of nowhere, Tony Blair used the taxes to help young adults and single mothers get off welfare and in to permanent jobs. This lowering the unemployment in Briton to safe money on welfare to lower taxes, and since Tony Blair was elected four years ago we as a population have saved £4blillion in taxes on welfare per year, but this might be a bit exaggerated by Tony Blair.

Tony Blair has also made sure that over three hundred thousand infants went in to classes with less than thirty other infants their age, giving them a better chance at a brighter future. Labour promised that more national wealth to go towards the NHS. The increase was not much but it gave a few extra doctors and nurses to hospitals and flu jabs to avoid another flu outbreak like last winter so that hospital wards can hold people suffering from other diseases or injuries.

At present the panic buying is a growing problem for Tony Blair for one very good reason, petrol stations will run dry before the next fuel protests begins causing more problems. The last time there was a petrol protest, all the services suffered, ambulances could not make it to their patience destination and people could have died.
Trucks with super market goods could not make their deliveries, so there were food shortages and panic buying of food began. The royal mail could not make deliveries some of, which might have been important. Millions of people could not go to work or school because they had no fuel.

Tony Blair might have done all right in his first year but will the rest have really been a landslide and will effect the chances of him having another term as Prime Minister.

Arguments against Labour:

Tony Blair has been Prime Minister for four years, his first year was not that good, he was nearly doing what the public wanted, but some where along the line in the begging of the second year, things started to get worse and worse. BSE cases in Briton made French politicians ban British beef causing several farmers to lose a lot of money in the beef market. Education in Briton was getting very poor, and the method of teaching Tony Blair used he copied from the Tories, giving the statement ‘cheaters never prosper’ a lot of credit. Unemployment was growing and the taxes from that year were not enough to pay: compensation to the farmers, introducing new teaching methods, and paying for welfare.
So Tony Blair had this great idea, he raised taxes. This was a very stupid idea, because he made a promise to lower taxes, not raise them. Then to lower unemployment he used a scheme aimed at young adults and single mothers, this only helped 1 million people and almost none where single mothers, but it cost the nation £20billion. Another great idea was to put three hundred thousand young children into classes less than thirty, to give them a better education, but this ment even more young children were not accepted to good schools denying them a better education. After all his ‘solutions’ he caused more problems and was getting low on taxes. So another raise in taxes was in order, so that the tax burden of Briton raise from 35.4 % before Tony Blair's election to 37.6 % now.
Making a gallon of petrol go from £9.36 per gallon to £11.57 on average. Pay this amount was near impossible, so petrol protesters began blockades around fuel deposits, this caused a shortage in fuel and petrol stations were closed because they ran dry. That triggered panic buying so that more petrol stations ran dry. Soon the services began to suffer, police could not get to crime scenes, ambulances could not make it in time to patients in time, fire engines could not make it to the fires around the county. So Tony Blair gave in to the protesters and agreed to give labour sixty days to lower taxes. He could not lower fuel tax by 15 pence a litre. And said that he would freeze prices of fuel until 2002. At present fuel protesters are threatening to resume blockades because freezing taxes was not enough. Tony Blair has taken millions of pounds from the taxpayers so he should be able to at least lower the taxes, for good.
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