Speech on Happiness

Speech on Happiness

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Today I am here to discuss a topic with you but I don’t know where to start.

If I ask you, "Is Money a Prerequisite for Happiness?", how would you answer?

Your answer should be NO. Definitely NO. But is this truly what you believe? Is this consistent with how you act?

All of us want to make money to gain some status, some comfort and some luxurious. This money has brought; is bringing; and will bring so many differences between some of you and me. These differences will be later named as differences between the rich and the poor. If I ask you ‘Do you know what is happiness? You would thrillingly and pleasingly answer me YES, OF Course Then lets share some examples of the happiest man. One would experience happiness when a leads a luxurious life. One may also experience happiness when he had expanded his business almost across the globe. One may also experience happiness when he had his meal in the most famous and expensive hotel. One may also experience happiness when he attends honorable parties.
One can’t imagine an ideal life like this.

But don’t you feel I have missed out something in the above examples – yes, I have thereby missed out the actual meaning of happiness. No one can tell which philosopher in his writings has mentioned money to be as happiness. Which dictionary ever explains money to be a synonym of happiness? Which mathematician has ever given up a formula - LIFE + MONEY = HAPPINESS. None of the scientists ever brought up a formula – Money when given up at 100 degree Celsius gives you (Happiness)2

When none of us has ever come across such words and formulas, none of the great personalities has ever mentioned it, then who the hell has instilled it in our minds that money brings happiness. But among this debate one question still raises its head - What is happiness? Happiness is not actually leading a luxurious life but the luxury of living a life. Happiness is not actually about expanding your business, but it lies in expanding the horizons of life. Happiness is not having a meal in the most famous restaurant but to have it with your most beloved family. It does not lie in attending honorable parties but to attend a party with honor.

Happiness is to wear a smile when it feels like crying.

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It is to shout at the top of your voice along with your family on the victory of Indian cricket team. Happiness is all about loving life. Chasing money will lead you nowhere because Money is like that shadow that tries to escape and runaway when we chase it; and chases us when we run away. Because money is like that sand which tries to escape more, the hard we try to arrest it tightly in our hands.

Therefore I feel money and happiness are not interrelated but chasing money and wasting time are in every way correlated. I feel one could not gain any thing more than what he is destined to. I feel it is now clear that money is just a mere necessity but happiness is The Need , The Courage, The Desire and all about life. And thereby concluding I feel it is now easy to answer the previous question. – IS MONEY A PREREQUISITE FOR HAPPINESS.
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