The Art of Murder

The Art of Murder

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The Art of Murder

In "The Most Dangerous Game" and "Bargain" murder happens.  Certainly, murder is one of the most vile, inhuman crimes a person can commit. Many people commit it willfully and wantonly, but few get away with it without being suspected. General Zaroff got away with murder quite frequently, and Mr. Baumer also did. They were both good at it. Zaroff and Mr. Baumer were the most evil people in "The Most Dangerous Game" and "Bargain" because they were both very sneaky and smart about murdering, they both stacked the deck against their victims, and they were both murderers.

General Zaroff and Mr. Baumer were very sneaky and smart at committing the murders. General Zaroff "hunted" humans on an island where many people were afraid of going. He made the shipwrecks look like an accident so that no one would come looking for him or to find possible suspects. He put a large house where he lived in a jungle, where it would be hard for even the most experienced to find by chance. He also "played" with his "game" to think that they would do something that would give them self away so that the killings could be done more sneakily. Mr. Baumer was also very sneaky in committing his act of murder. He wanted Slade dead because he maimed Baumer's hand. He wanted to make it look like an accident. So, he poisoned the liquor which he all but knew that Slade would steal and drink it. He didn't just happen to put the poison in the right place. When Baumer found out Slade was dead, he acted as if it was a surprise to him so that no one would think he had something to do with it. General Zaroff and Mr. Baumer were both very smart and sneaky, and they always got away with murder.

Both General Zaroff and Mr. Slade stacked the deck against their victims. Zaroff was much more equipped to make his way through the jungle then the sailors. If his hunt took too long, he would send out dogs that could hunt down people with ease. He had much more experience and intelligence than the sailors he used. No sailor was used to walking through such a jungle, with it being so dense and having so many things that could trap them or make it harder to walk through it.

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Mr. Baumer also stacked the deck against his victim. He picked a day that was cold and harsh to switch the barrels. He knew that Slade couldn't read and he would have no chance to know what was in the barrel. The fact that he had hired Slade a while ago suggests Baumer had been planning a way to kill Slade for months. This gave him ample time to figure a way how to make it impossible for Slade to live and to work out all the bugs the plan might have had. Both Zaroff and Baumer made to next to impossible for their victims to survive because of the conditions of the murders. Zaroff and Baumer were both very evil, cold-blooded murderers. Zaroff knew he was killing innocent people. He had hunted people so many times that he was used to murder and probably started to like it. He made all the sailors exercise so that he would have more fun, and it would be more of a challenge for him. Baumer was almost as bad. He had planned to murder Slade for awhile, but he was waiting for the right time so that he could get away with it. he had wanted Slade dead after the incident with his hand. He knew that Slade would try to steal the liquor. He had a reason for switching barrels. Both Zaroff and Baumer willfully murdered people because they liked it and were good at it.

Zaroff and Baumer were very good at covering up any evidence that might point to them or might allow someone to figure out what really happened. They didn't allow their victims to have any sort of chance at living. No matter what reason they might have, or any excuse they might think of, they are simply murderers. You cannot justify murder no matter what the circumstances. Although Baumer and Zaroff thought they had justification, they were the most savage, corrupt, and immoral people in "The Most Dangerous Game" and "Bargain."
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