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Living Proof

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Living Proof

A radical nut can be screaming at you off a street corner shouting something about
your soul and a “God” who loves you. He yells “God is real, save your soul!” and no one
stops to think much more then “This guy is crazy!”. Where is the proof in that? This is
one of the major problems people have when trying to understand a higher power. This
essay will consist of mind bending proof that we walk by each day, and the changing
effects of having faith in Jesus Christ.

It’s safe to say that many people of this age believe in a higher power, as did many
hundreds of years ago. In fact Adolf Hitler wanted to kill every living Jew because they
thought that God had told him them to do it. The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as
Gods. Any cat owner can tell you that cats have never gotten over it! Statistics of today show that 1.7 billion people world wide are Christians and that 875 million are Sunni Islamic. Recent Canadian Census only counted 21,975 agnostics (someone who is
uncertain about the existence of God) and a surprising total of 1.3 million North
Americans are atheists (has no belief in God). That makes up 0.5% of the North
American people.

Many people say “I need proof” as they are walking past a tree that gives that gives
them the very oxygen they need to live. We as humans take for granted the proof that is
around us each day. Creation itself is working proof of God. A tiny ant is complete with a brain and nervous system, the planets are perfectly aligned for us to neither freeze nor burn, we have teeth to chew, nails to scratch and cells so complex we can function.
Speaking of complexity look at our bodies, our bones and blood so perfectly designed..

After a few biology classes most of us can agree that life was created on purpose. When
one evaluates the scientific evidence for the existence of a creator and accept evolution instead, they have more faith then any Christian. They have faith in chance, by which somehow everything came to be.

The thing that is so amazing about this eternal, devoted creator is that of all his
vast creation, humanity is what He cares and loves the most. It is the Christian belief that shortly after the creation, humans were cut off from his creator by disobeying Him.

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Throughout history our creator has taken the initiative to reconcile himself with us. A
documented two thousand years later God sent His Son to pay the ultimate price so that
we could be forgiven and be radically changed. Through this story we can find more
proof because of all the people claiming to have been changed and healed in accepting it, not to mention unexplainable miricles that science and medince cannot explain.

There are many question that cannot be answered in a single essay, for instance if
God is real where did he come from, and why did he create us if he knew so how much
pain their would be in the world. These questions are not only hard but are uncomprehendable by the human mind. This is the reason for our faith, because we don’t
understand everything, we know we need faith that there is a bigger picture. The point
here is that Jesus is in fact real and that we need to look harder into things that we are so blindly immune to. Either life is a result of chance, ( an evolutionary process in which we are no more then a highly evolved ameba) or we are created in the image of an all knowing, all loving infinite creator. In conclusion the meaning of this essay is not to convince, or preach or to anger, but is to state the evidence that is all around us that crys “God is real.”
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