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In today's society, couples with breeding problems and homosexual couples have been increasing. There are a lot of reason which causes them not to be able to breed any child. There can by body problems, or other problems. Those couples will feel lonely and isolated, it will make them envy other parents who have a group of children.

There are many alternatives that would allow these couples to have a child. There is Adoption, Fostering, etc. But the main particular method this essay is chosen to discuss is Surrogacy.

Surrogacy, is known as a act of substitution and replacement in the dictionary. But, people define surrogacy as a egg donation to a surrogate mother, a surrogate mother may carry a child for someone whom she may not have never previously known. She agrees to become artificially inseminated or undergo IVF treatment to carry a child and then after the birth give the child to the intended parents. Therefore, in our terms of reference surrogate motherhood is defined as an arrangement under which a woman agrees to breed a child for another couple. While there are two main types of surrogacy, gestational surrogacy and traditional, there are also different types of arrangements, agency arranged and independently arranged. Also surrogacy may be done between strangers who never meet, persons who meet only a few times, persons who meet and become quite close over the course and often after the surrogacy, and those who are friends before ever entering a surrogacy arrangement or are family members. The procedures of surrogacy the couple have to follow are firstly, to interview intended parents or surrogate mothers and egg donors, then they will have to choose a match and complete all medical and psychological screening, lastly, they will begin medicated cycles and attempt pregnancy. It would take around a minimum of 12 months to complete any surrogacy program.

The cost of surrogacy programs are surely expensive, but to the couples it may not be an important issue. The cost of a first time surrogate mother is around $30,000, and with a second time surrogate mother would cost around $40,000. Altogether, the cost is approximately $75,000 for a singleton birth plus medical expenses. This includes the surrogate's expenses fee, IVF transfer fee, cycling allowance, pregnancy allowance, surrogate's attorney fee, maternity clothing allowance, multiple fetus expense, retainer fee, the intended parent's attorney fees, court filing fees, maternity costs and the costs of delivery and hospital, maternity costs of OB/GYN, the stepparent adoption/parentage establishment fee, and finally, the surrogate's fee.

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And if there are no viable pregnancy achieved, the approximate costs are between $25,000 - $27,000.

The eligibility criterial the couples may need to understand and follow are to help gain their surrogacy program’s success. Intended parents must both be equally comfortable in their decision to become parents through surrogacy. If they are infertile they must feel a sense of completion in their infertility treatments. A surrogate mother should have no reluctance about her decision and have a strong network of support to help the couple’s needs. Also, the intended parents need to understand everything the surrogate mother is doing for them and be able to truly appreciate her hard work and show their gratitude throughout the pregnancy through the postpartum period. This helps keep the surrogate mother comfortable in her decision and motivated when things become trying.
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