Reducing Space Exploration Will Not End Poverty

Reducing Space Exploration Will Not End Poverty

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Space exploration has advanced a lot through the last years. Specially in the Cold War, where the United States and the Soviet Union competed between them and invested a lot in this field. Since then, U.S.A. kept on with this project of sending ships into outer space and exploring through the endless universe looking hopefully that something would appear. Millions are spend in these projects, but are they really worth it? Millions of people are living in poverty, starving to death, and this imperialist countries couldn’t care less for them, and are spending huge amounts of their budget on sending some space ships to vague across the universe. As if this could make a difference. They only feel superior by being the only ones who once stuck a flag on the useless little moon we have near us.

These countries should reconsider this. By doing this they make us think that there are no problems, so why not? - Lets expand to other planet. But, this imperialist mind they have is what makes them take these decisions. They only want to be the best and if the rest is worst, even better.

Maybe their country is fine, low rates of unemployment, people are happy and proud of being part of this developed power of the first world, but meanwhile, while they send space ships to Jupiter, there are other countries who can’t even have access to Internet, and there are millions of people who can’t take home a piece of bread to feed their starving family. Do you think this is fair? Well, I don’t. I think that the capitalist world in which we live in has made the line between the rich and the poor wider, and it will continue to be like this as long the system remains the same. As the rich become richer, the poor become poorer. And I’m not only talking about this case in particular, it happens all the time. Wealthy people have the resources to multiply their money, but poor people have to manage with picking up cartons from the streets because they don’t have any education or resources to obtain their food through other way.

And the N.A.S.A built the new and ultra modern space ship which costed US$ 93,124,235 millions of billions of dollars and burned in the air causing the death of all he triplets who god only knows what they were doing there.

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I feel sick only of thinking about this. Honestly, I’m ashamed of living in a world like this; ashamed of buying products from this country who thinks that owns the world. If only they could be in the situation that millions of children face every single day, dying because they have nothing to fill in their stomachs with, or revolting garbage like dirty inhuman animals, eating whatever can calm that hunger that has been tormenting them since the day they were born.

Many people say that space exploration had advanced a lot and that soon they will be having their vacations on the moon. But really…many people? This is because they only take the opinion of people who have all what they need, so they have to give sense to their lives with this type of things. Have you ever seen a cartoner talking about astronomy? They couldn’t care less! And they are right about it. Why should they care? Their only preoccupation in life is to survive, to make the pain not so harsh, and to try to avoid suffering.

There is nothing left to say. It’s the capitalist world in which we live in. If the U.S.A would use less money on space exploration and more on fighting poverty it would have no sense, because in their case they have almost none of it. And I don’t think that the United States of America would give away the money that makes them a growing power in the world, to countries like India, who really need it. They will continue spending money on unnecessary things as unnecessary space explorations and unnecessary wars. But they are like that. What can we do to change it? Nothing.
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