Different and Similar friends

Different and Similar friends

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Different and Similar friends

Some people prefer to have friends who are different from them and some prefer to have friends who are similar to them. Which do you prefer?

According to chemistry-students, second year, RUPP, many like to have friends for their studying. Some students prefer to make friends who are similar to them and some think that the friends who they like are different from them. There are many reasons that cause those people want to choose persons who they want to be friend.

On the one hand, making friends is to think about the age sometimes. People can use the formal languages to communicate to each other without worry about obeying to each other. They easily call their name directly when they meet each other inside and outside the class. For example, Meng Thia and Monorom are friends and they like talking to each other very closely and tightly when they are in class even at along the road to RUPP. To be of the same age is a vital point for people who like making friends who are similar.
Another thing to consider for discussion if people prefer friends who are similar, they think about the characteristic of those people. First, they can get along with each other for long times when the have similar attitude or feature. Second, they are normally satisfied with their behavior. For instance, Saveoun admires her friend, Chann Rith, because of Chann Rith’s attitude she show s in class. Characteristic help keeping friendship for many people, and offer many advantages.

On the other hand, many students feel that it is a better way to associate with friends who are different to them. People’s knowledge is not equal, so it is shared to each other. Sometimes students share their experiences or help solving the problem when someone does not understand well about it. In addiction, we can learn knowledge or technique from friends to deal the problem with many ways. In face, Rithy and Soriya have different methods to explain the definition of chemical elements; Rithy learns from Soriya and also Soriya from Rithy. Sharing knowledge makes people increase their intelligence and become good friends with people whose knowledge are exchanged.

One other reason is the strategy. First, some students work with their timetable very well, so others who think that they have different strategy want to create relationship as friends with those persons. Also, some students tell their strategy of managing times for their every day’s life to students who have weak abilities of management.

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For example, Vichhay can manage his times very well when Buna says how to use the times to study and to do something at school and at home after he starts making friends with Buna. The strategy helps people who are weak management and teach them by making friends who are different from them.

In short, most people like to make friends with people who are similar to them because they do not need to strict their speech when they talk or use their rights to each other. In my opinion, I think a good friendship is made of good friends. If every people can do so they will enjoy their study and feel happy during the time they are at schools or at homes. It is important to consider clearly before making friends with only good persons.
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