My Experience with Music

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My Experience with Music

At the age of ten, my parents decided that I should learn how to play an instrument. In addition, they also chose which instrument I should learn, the guitar. I had no interest in learning the guitar, because all I wanted to spend my leisure time on was improvising my soccer skills. However, my parents believed soccer was a waste of my precious time, time which I should be using to focus on school and expanding my brain by taking on a difficult task, such as learning to play music. This was contrary to what I believed, but I had to do it or else my parents would be displeased. Therefore, the following week, I began taking guitar lessons.

Since day one of lessons, I disliked the guitar with a passion. My teacher was old, grumpy, and did not like young children. We did not get off to a promising start, especially after I told him I hated the guitar, which made my instructor even angrier. Guitar lessons were something for which I had no enthusiasm. I wanted to play soccer as much as I could. However, what is a ten year-old supposed to do when his parents promise to punish him for not applying himself to something other than sports. I was a regular child who just wanted to enjoy life. I did not believe in learning something that did not interest me.

For the sake of conformity, I had to accomplish this task so that I could put a smile on my parents’ faces, even though I despised that guitar with all my heart. I went week after week to the instructor, and week after week, I would come back distressed and tired of the lessons and of the incredible amount of practice hours required.

After wasting a year of my life learning how to play the guitar, I still had not accomplished anything special. My parents began to realize that I was not born to play this instrument and that I was not having fun trying to learn either. They finally understood how much I wanted to play soccer. So after one miserable year, my parents called the music instructor and told him I would no longer be taking guitar lesson. The instructor was quite happy about my decision, telling my parents I was his worst student ever, but at least I had given it my best shot.

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There is just something about human nature that is so compelling to my mind. We are quick to conform to ideas that we do not believe in, whether caused by coercion, influence, or just basic instinct. I never quite understood why I decided to play the guitar, yet not explain to my parents my total dislike for it. I did not want to play the guitar or even try to learn it. I wanted to choose my own hobbies. Taking guitar lessons was something I did out of force, not of appreciation and enjoyment. If I had only told my parents how much I wanted to learn the piano!

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