The Present Builds Upon the Past

The Present Builds Upon the Past

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The Present Builds Upon the Past

The world is far from perfect. However, through the years, it has improved in many ways. If I went back in time and changed the tiniest thing in history, it is possible for my life to be completely different today. If you don't believe me, read on because I've got hard proof.

It's depressing to know there was a time when "blacks" and "whites" were seperated simply because of the color of their skin. We have moved forward, then stumbed backwards, but slowly we started building and here we are year 2001, where everyone, despite your race, have equal rights. I realize pejudice is still alive today, but you have to admit, things have improved. During the late 1800's "Jim Crow" laws or "Black Codes" were made offical. This law legally seperated "blacks" and "whites" in every day life. It was ridiculous, immature, and just flat out unreasonable. They used seperate public waiting rooms, restaurants, theaters, public parks, schools, hospitals, just to name the basics. We have every single abolitionists, civil rights activists, and all the other freedom-fighters who stuck up for their rights. You wouldn't believe how much one person can accomplish.

It wasn't too long ago when women were denied some of the rights that men had, such as voting. People believed that women were better fit cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children at home, rather than going out to earn money. They also believed that men had a higher ability of learning than women, which was why their education was limited. In order to get all the rights women have today, it took much time, effort, and most of all, courage. Many brave women organized protests demanding for equal rights. It was a slow process but every little effort added up, and today, women can even run for President of the United States. Who knows? Many if it weren't for them, I wouldn't be writing this report, or be able to write at all.

A more recent example in which we can more personally relate to, is the World Trade Center tragedy. The fact that we needed a tradegy to bring America togeather is sad, but at least we are here for each other when we really need each other. I know living thirteen years isn't much at all, but in that time, I have never seen America more united than in the last few weeks.

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I've heard a countless amount of encouraging stories of Americans, trying to help in any way they can. I even heard of ten year olds having car washes to raise money for the Relief Fund. Chances are, if this tragedy never happened, America wouldn't be united in the way we are today. Hopefully, this isn't just a "phase" and we will continue to do our part as citizens of America. The "Attack on America" was a horrible tragic, but it made us stronger than ever.
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