The Role of Communication in the Animal Industry

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The Role of Communication in the Animal Industry

The animal industry is a growing field of interest, and in this growing field lies the value of communication. Communication plays a crucial role in Animal Science through written, oral, visual, and electronic communication. These types of communication are also useful when it comes to job searching. Dr. Brad Skaar shared with me his views on the value of communication in the discipline of Animal Science.

Animal Science places a great value on communication. Dr. Skaar shared that he felt communication was very important, and since technology in the field of Animal Science is rapidly expanding he feels that an even greater emphasis is put on communication. Skaar provided the example of professionals being able to communicate the important technological lingo to users or stakeholders. In this sense I feel communicating with others in Animal Science, as well as those throughout the agricultural division is a crucial part of our lives today as technology increases.

Different types of communication are used to relay messages to others throughout the field. These types of communication include written, oral, visual, and electronic styles. Dr. Skaar expressed that when it comes to means of communication, it really is dependant upon the target audience. He felt that visual communication was dramatically critical, and that most times this form of communication was left up to the advertisers. He conveyed that oral communication as well as written, are used mostly in teaching. Althoug! h they are used to explain, justify and clarify, thus being a vital part of the Animal Science discipline. Skaar did express that electronic communication was no less important than the rest, and it was becoming a bigger part in the industry. I agree with Dr. Skaar’s views on these areas of communication, and I feel that as technology evolves, a bigger emphasis will be placed upon electronic communication.

When it comes to finding a job in the field of animal science, there are three main ways to go about searching. These three ways are networking, websites, and professional journals. These three methods of communicating position openings are all very different. Dr. Skaar made the remark that the primary way to locate a job would be through networking. He goes on to say, “It’s who you know.” Experience, as well as internships, are helpful and well worth the time and effort. Dr. Skaar al! so stated that websites and professional journals are currently not the most reliable sources of job finding.

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I agree with Dr. Skaar, I feel a person needs to prove themselves to get into the field. Networking is a way of showing others who someone is and what they have done. Therefore networking would be the most efficient way to find a job in the Animal Science field.

Dr. Skaar also had three pieces of advice to give to first year student in such a competitive field. The first being to force yourself to develop an intensive work ethic. The second is to learn to love your discipline, and do not get bored with it. He stated, “I truly believe that a person needs to love all aspects of their job.” The third is to learn to balance work and personal life. Dr. Skaar truly believes in the fact that we are not born to work, but more or less enjoy life. Therefore, if we enjoy our jobs we would not consider it to be working. Dr. Skaar also said that if we do all of these things, everything else would just fall into place. After hearing Dr. Skaar’s advice, I feel that he hit the nail right on the head. People need to love what they do, and not think any differently.

In closing, Dr. Brad Skaar shared his views on the discipline of agriculture as a whole. He says, “Agriculture is exciting, and no matter what there will always be an interest in this particular field.” People need to eat, so as agriculture goes, there will always be a prosperous industry. He also stated that he felt he believes people need an interaction with animals. “I believe that without an interaction with animals, people would not be able to survive.” Dr. Skaar’s views became clear, and I once again agree with his reasoni! ng. Animals are here to meet our needs, and ultimately there is always going to be a demand for expertise in the field of Animal Science.

Animal Science is and will always be a dramatic part in the lives of humans. This is why communication in this particular field is essential. As technology increases the forms of communication in Animal Science are changing, although some do stay the same. Job finding in this field is and may always be by means of networking. Communication has become a fundamental tool in the field of Animal Science as well as various other fields.

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