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Being Eleven

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Being Eleven

Yep! If you are reading this you’ve probably already conquered the tumultuous eleventh year of your life. However, if you are ancient you have probably forgotten all about being eleven, so here are the advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, there are many advantages of being eleven. For instance my parents trust me more. My parents let me stay home alone instead of having a babysitter. They also let me go to movies without them leading me by the hand. My parents don’t act so paranoid about me staying in the yard to play. My next positive thing about being eleven is I can go more places with my friends. For example, I don't have to go to the family skate, I can go to the friday night skate with my friends. My parents can drop us off at the front of the movie theater and we can pick what movie to watch. I can also go to the mall with a group of my friends. My third positive reason is I can choose more sports or activities. For instance, I can play tackle football instead of touch or flag football. I have the choice to play girls basketball or softball. I can also go to the school dances. My final advantage is I have more privileges. I can enter better web sites such as I can have my own e-mail address instead of writing mail by hand. My parents let me stay on the phone longer. I can stay on for about an hour instead of thirty minutes.

On the other hand, there are several disadvantages of being eleven. For example, I have more chores around the house. When I come home, I always have to do the dishes instead of playing. I also have to do the laundry at night on weekdays and weekends. I have to mow the lawn every time it grows. My next example is I have harsher punishments. When I get in trouble I am either grounded for a week or even two. I also have to do all the chores when I am grounded. Another thing is I can’t go outside, play on the play station or watch television. As another example, I don't get to vote. When election time comes I can’t have a say in who I want to run my country.

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I can’t vote because the government says that you don't have the right to until you‘re eighteen or older. My final example is I have an early curfew. I can’t stay out till after dark. My parents say I have to be home by an exact time when my friends get to stay out past dark, but I can’t. It really isn't fair!

In conclusion, I know I can’t stay eleven all of my life. Being eleven has its ups and downs. However, I like being eleven, even though I can’t do everything I wish I could.
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