A Poetic Journey of Love and Honor

A Poetic Journey of Love and Honor

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A Poetic Journey of Love and Honor

A Trilogy of Love

From the moment we met in early spring, as she stepped out of her car and threw her hair back, I knew I was in love. “Her long dark hair, her beautiful smile…when she say’s “hi”, I’m faint for a while”. While gazing into her soft beautiful eyes as she spoke, I couldn’t help but notice her laughter that accompanied that mystifying beauty. “Her laughter echo’s, the silence awakes…her beauty abound.. just makes my heart ache..”

She told me she was from the mountains in Kentucky and how much she loved and wanted to return some day. “She comes from the mountains, A place she calls home…This place she loves, where she’s not alone…” I knew this was a woman like no other woman in my life. ” She’s into my life like a song and a prayer…never before, it just wasn’t there..”

In the days that followed, as we strolled in the park immersed with spring fragrances, I knew I would never be the same. “My life has changed like flowers in June…A new day is here, “smell the lilacs in bloom.” I found her not only beautiful but intelligent and I couldn’t stop thinking of her. “As your beauty comes into focus.. My thoughts are yours, forever yours”. The more I got to know her, the happier I became. “For no one has made me happier, filling my life as completely… As you had made me, caressing me with your smile when our eyes meet..”.

I set out to honor her whenever I could, she was such a wonderful mother and lover that I was compelled to tell the world. “If winds could talk, they’d tell a tale that fills the soul with love and warmth… And just having known you, my life is for the better…”

Then just like that, something changed and we were no longer together. “But now she’s gone like a crisp spring day, and I’m all alone... with nothing to say…” Where there once was love, is there no more. “I know not when, love came and gone… where it ended or when it begun..”

Today I can only hope and speculate about tomorrow and what might have been. “With each day passing only hope is alive…sweet dreams of a future that did not survive.

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And now, even though it pains me to think of her, I will continue to love and honor her because hope and love are good things and good things never die. “Now, as the sun settles into night, loneliness reigns, Oh the pain…”
“All I have left is a song and a prayer…sometimes I wonder what all I can bear…”

“Love and Honor...What more is there..what else can be said.

Loving her was an honor; within my music, played my soul..”

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