Solutions to our Problems

Solutions to our Problems

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Solutions to our Problems

There are three level to the solutions to the problems that exist in the world today. They are the Individual Level, National Level, and Global Level. These solutions can help to eliminate the gap between the rich and the poor countries.

The Individual level is were individuals do things to help eliminate problems that exist. The people are just as responsible as the nation states are. Things that we can do are: 1) Join a student group that creates awareness of these problems, 2) Minimize some of the waste that we create, 3) Sponsor a child in a poor country, 4) Change some laws and 5) Have a meatless day. If you join a group you can become more aware of the problems that exist and then spread this information to others. If we minimize our waste such as eat all the food that we make and not make extra food. This would leave food for people in poorer countries. You could sponsor a child which would give this child food, education and medical attention that he/she needs. There are many organizations that can help you to do this. Some laws that we could change would be allowing regular house hold to have a lamb. This would save on gas because it can mow your lawn for you. It also can act as a fertilizer and is good for the environment. Having a meat less day would save on the consumption of meet, so there would be more meat for the poorer countries. These little things can be a great benefit to the world and help to solve the world problems.

The national level is when a nation does something to help solve the world's problems. This would be to solve the nations problems first. If we can solve our own problems then we could start to work and concentrate on the world's problems. There are 38 million people in the United States that are below the poverty level. If these people weren't below the poverty level it would be 38 million less that the world would have to worry about. The same goes for every country, if they could decrease their people below poverty then it's less the world has to worry about. This would help to take care of the gap between poor and wealthy in the individual countries before the world gap

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The Global level is the most important because the problems are global so the solutions should be global. Conflicts exists between the rich and the poor countries. The poorer or Third World Countries demanded changes. In 1974, a group of 77 countries, known as "The Group of 77," met at the United Nations to discuss the changes that they wanted. During this meeting they created the New International Economic Order or NIEO, which is proposals to eliminate the gap between the rich and poor countries. The discussions at the United Nations were known as the North-South Dialogue. They came up with 18 different clauses.

The first thing that they came up with was that each state will be free to determine its own economic and political system. The country itself is able to determine what type of government they would like to have. They would also be able to determine their economic system. This could be the same or different from the one that existed before when they were a colony.

They also wanted each state to be free to nationalize its own natural resources. They wanted to be able to decide what will be done with their own resources. Before richer countries would go into the smaller countries and take over their resources. This happened in Chile with their copper but this attempt failed. The copper was owned by IT&T, which was an American based company. In 1970, Alende ran for President and was elected. He wanted to nationalize the countries copper mines. HE did this and when the U.S. found out about it and they organized a coup d'etat because the copper was no longer theirs. They ended up killing Alende so, the copper was no longer controlled by the country. An example of this that succeeded was in Libya. England had control over Libya's oil. Quaddafi overthrew the king because he slapped him. Under Quaddafi's control he nationalized the country's oil.

The third thing that they wanted was to tie the prices of raw materials to the prices of the manufactured goods. They want this done because the richer countries keep paying the same for the raw materials but the prices of the goods keeps going up. This makes it hard for the poorer countries to afford the products produced from their raw materials. This only succeeded in the oil industry and the other raw materials are still struggling to tie their prices to the products.

The fourth item that they wanted was Organizational and legal reforms. They wanted things to be more equal and not to have the richer countries dominating the world. Under the United Nations this happens because five countries have more power than all the other countries. These five countries are: The United States, the United Kingdom, China, the Soviet Union, and France. These five have the right to veto and are the Superior Council in the UN. The poorer countries believe that this should change because of the current conditions. For example, Japan is more powerful than the United Kingdom right now so, why does not Japan have vetoing power when it is stronger than the United Kingdom. Soon one country from Asia, Africa, and Latin America along with Germany and Japan will be allowed into the superior council and have veto power.

There is a legal reform that has been made with the Third World Countries wanting Organizational and legal reforms. This is changes in the Law of the Seas. Before only 3 miles out from land was owned by the country and past that was international water. So, larger corporations were taking all the fish from area out from the countries where local countries should have been able to fish. The new agreement said that 12 miles out from the land are territorial waters so it is illegal to enter this area without an visa. Then the next 188 miles are considered the economic zone and belongs to the country for economic purposes. Any area between 200 miles out from sea is consider "Heritage of Mankind" and this area belong to everyone. To use this part of the ocean the country or company must go to the High Seas Authority, United Nations group in charge of this area, and get permission to use this area. After you've received permission, 60% of the profit made goes to the company and the other 40% goes to the High Seas Authority. The High Seas Authority then gives it to countries that have projects they want to do and need funds for. The High Seas Authority looks over requests for money and gives it out accordingly. Countries that are land locked, surrounded by land, have priority. There is one country that has not signed the Law of the Sea and that is The United States.

A fifth issue that the Third World Countries want was the transfer of science and technology. The people of the third world countries think that science and technology should belong to everyone. That it is heritage of mankind and that it should be accessible to everyone. Especially if it is going to or could save the live of people. They would like to be able to know if severe weather is going to hit their country and could destroy things. Also, that medical information should be available to everyone. For example if a cure for HIV/AIDS were found that it should be public knowledge so that everyone could benefit from it. Instead the richer countries charge the poorer countries a lot of money for this information. The richer countries claim that they spent time and money on finding what ever out so, they should be reimbursed for their time and money. The poorer countries can not afford this, so they are deprived of this information and therefore causing people to die. The poorer countries believe that if this information was available to them earlier, then they would be able to catch up to the richer countries faster.

The final thing they want is multilateral aid. Currently most of the foreign aid is bilateral meaning that one country gives it to another. Some countries use foreign aid for politcal interest instead of by who needs the aid. What they would like to see would be every year each country gives a certain percentage of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to the United Nations. Then the United Nations will distribute the money to the countries that needs it.

If everyone, including individuals, nations, and the world, did something to help the world's problems it would help. The smallest things can only do better and can't turn for the worse. The problems need to be addressed by everyone so they can be solved. Nothing is going to happen overnight but over time the gap between the poor and rich in individual countries and poor and rich countries can be eliminated. All it takes is some work and compromising to get this done.
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