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The moon grows smaller
As it slips up behind the aspen tree.
Warm, night winds rustles the leaves
While across the sky white, pin-point stars spread

Earlier, the moon was huge and yellow,
Sitting low over the eastern horizon.
A refreshing sight after the severe heat
Of the late August day.

The cold, dampness of the ground
Seeps into my body.
Grass ends tickle through the fabric of my shirt.
It is a good night for star-watching.

Red Dust Clouds

Dragon-shaped clouds are gilded gold by the setting sun
As it slips towards the flat, western edge of the desert.
The sagebrush, lining both sides of the red dirt road,
Houses an assortment of singing insects,
Or was it stinging insects. At any rate,
Their tracks, along with those of fox, coyote, snakes
And a varied assortment of rodents, criss-cross the road.
I obliterate them with the toe of my shoe,
Kicking up a small cloud of red dust with each scuffing step.

On Rain

The swirling water runs brown
Spring forever rains
River banks are swept under

The shining sun bakes the earth
Green leaves turn yellow
The rains are long forgotten

Fall rains mat dead brown leaves
Carpeting the ground
Gray branches pray towards heaven

Cold rain becomes falling snow
Drifts cover the creek
Spring will melt the snow again.

Moon Shadows

Shining forth from the black sky, a brilliant
image, the glowing face of the moon,
drawing on the snow-covered ground with its light.
The shadows on the ground mirror the moon's own dark
shadows. The stark lines make faces on the snow,
dark eyes, with white cheeks and lips sparkling.

The faces seem to hold a certain brilliance
all their own. More than just the tangible night light
reflecting in shimmers off slopes of snow,
It is as if all of the knowledge stored in the moon
had passed through moonbeams to hide in the dark
shadows, behind the snow's surface, sparkling.

Icy fingers reach out to my soul, the fingers of snow-
shadows. Made out of the endless, luminous light
from the knowledge of moon-beams and star-beams. Theirs, a brilliant
plot, they capture my eyes, my being, with their own sparkling
eyes. They see past my eyes into my innermost soul, where it is dark.

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They see my soul shrinking, like the waning of the winter moon.

My heart feels as though it is wrapped up in the chill snow.
The cold expanses of my soul, covered by its brilliant
beauty. Beauty which is a lie, a dreadful lie, a dark
lie. The deceitful lie of the glowing light,
A light which is truly dead; a light whose sparkling
beams are knives stabbing into my heart, sent by the moon.

With its fingers, those brilliant beams, the moon
Sends an ever sparkling, shimmering light
To show the dark patterns in the snow
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