Philosophy of Teaching Statement

Philosophy of Teaching Statement

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Philosophy of Teaching Statement

I believe that the key to a good education begins with the teacher. The first impression that a teacher leaves on a student will be carried with them throughout their entire education, therefore as a teacher we should be careful with giving negative feedback. Small children take everything to heart and believe every thing they hear. It is important that we praise them often. Let every child know that they have the potential to do and be anything they want to do.

Working as a substitute teacher’s aide all over the county has allowed me to observe the nature of students that come from a wide variety of backgrounds. A child that comes from a more advantaged lifestyle does not necessarily mean that, that child will excel in school. Sometimes the child that comes form the poorest conditions is the hardest worker. Children who excel in Math may find themselves bored in an English class. I have seen students that are completely lazy, that refuse to accept any challenge. On the other hand, I have observed students who just appear lazy, that are really intelligent but cannot seem to get a grasp on learning. Then again there are students who are so intelligent that they excel in everything. Some students seem to have so much rage inside of them, that it difficult for them to concentrate and learn. While others are calm, absorbing everything that is being taught. I feel that all students can learn it is just a matter of finding a way of teaching that is interesting to them but will still hold the attention of the others in the classroom.

The overall purpose of education is to guide students in the direction of future leadership. To ensure that they will be able to be role models for the next generation. If a teacher shows a child that learning is fun, then hopefully these children will see the importance in learning, and maybe grow up to want to teach also. To allow students to be the best at whatever they choose to be. I feel that being able to read and write is what the world is based on. If you cannot read, you are denied the simplest pleasures in life. Like reading road signs, to gain information about the direction that you traveling or reading recipes to prepare a meal.

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With a good education everything is possible.

As a teacher, I would hope to be able to recognize the different learning abilities of each student. Each child is an individual, and learns at his or her own pace. Knowing this, I would like to be able to teach each one at their own level, however to be able to do this I feel that you need to physically get down on their level. I want to get down in the floor with them to look up and see exactly what the world looks like from their point of view. Look at how tall a table looks when you are only three foot tall. It is a large scary world for them. If a table appears to them the size of room then you will appear a giant.

I have worked in a classroom where no two children were on the same cognitive level; they varied in age from three to six years and they had variety of physical disabilities. Every child in that class had the capability of learning, some faster than others, but all could figure out some way to improve. I want to be able to speak fluent sign language, to be able to touch the untouchable, to reach the unreachable. I believe this will allow me to be of more help to my students. Teaching in common language and sign will open up a whole new world for them. If they pick up only the alphabet sign they will be able to communicate with another deaf student giving them the not only the opportunity to understand what they are saying but giving them the chance to make a friend that neither of them would have made with out it.

As a teacher I want to have a room where the students are able to talk. I strongly feel that conversation in a classroom is important, not only for the social aspects. If a classroom is quiet than there is probably one or more students in there that are missing something. I would like for the students to feel comfortable about talking, thus diminishing any fears they may have about asking questions. There may be some students like myself who just cam not grasp what is expected of them by listening to the teacher’s instruction and another child may be able to explain it to them in a way that they will understand.

Children should be able to come to school and have fun in a safe environment. I want my students to trust me, if they are having problems at home or on the bus, I hope that they will come to me and discuss their problems. In return I will make sure to be there for them and try my best to make their day at school fun. Some children never have the opportunity at home to have fun and just be a kid. I want my room to be kid friendly, brightly decorated, to give the students a sensation that the room is calling to them to come inside and explore, use their five senses and feel free to pick up things and look at them. If children are comfortable with the room and the teacher then they will be more likely to relax, have fun, and absorb the information being taught. My main goal will be to make school as fun as possible. I will try new ways of creative teaching. It is my opinion that a child will respond to game more quickly than to a book. A child can learn without knowing that you are teaching.

I don't agree with any of the great Philosophers of the past. I feel that their standards may have been correct for their time but we our in a whole new world the age of science and the computer world, their beliefs would not apply here. I feel that a reward system is effective and can be used to encourage the positive behavior and discourage the negative.

The curriculum that I feel is most important, and should be stressed above all others areas is spelling and reading; these two go hand in hand. If you can't spell, you can't read. I want to fill my classroom full of colorful books, so pretty to look at that they will tempt every child to pick them up and look inside. Giving them the desire to want to know more.
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