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My Philosophy

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My Philosophy

It takes a very patient person to deal with children. Everything that a teacher does effects the way the student thinks. Teachers have to realize that their actions are very important to a child. Some people don’t want that kind of responsibility. I believe that a teacher can change a child’s life. I love to be around children. I think that this a mandatory requirement for any teacher. You have to be able to at least try to see the world through a child’s eyes. Being able to understand why a child feels a certain way is a must. I think that I possess the qualities that are needed to be a great teacher. I intend on giving my all to become the best educator I can be. If I become a teacher and find that I have a negative effect on my students then I will find a new profession. I don’t want to be the cause of a child having a bad school experience. Schooling is too important. Hopefully I will turn out to be a great role model for my students if not, I will accept my faults in this profession and start a new one.

I want my classroom to be a positive environment for my students. My classroom will definitely be colorful. Bright colors makes people feel more energetic. I don’t want my students to feel depressed or tired all the time. I will have bulletin boards with information that children will find interesting to read. I might even have the students try to find some fun fact on their own to make their own boards for other students to read. I will probably have my desk in the back of the room but do my teaching standing in front of the students. I want my students to feel that I am there for them when they need me but to try and do things on their own when they can. Group projects will play a major role in my classroom. Students will learn more social skills if they learn to work with others. Most children have the same group of kids they stay around so I will pick the groups to even up the social classes that they have already acquired.

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Getting children to accept all of their peers is one of my goals. That is where my group activities will fit in.

Although I plan to be non authoritarian, rules will be made clear to my students and the determined punishment will be enforced. Especially since I plan to teach very young students, organization will be a challenge. Whenever I plan to take the children anywhere alphabetical order will probably be the way to go. Walking in pairs will be another way of organization. I think getting kids motivated will be my biggest challenge. I remember getting so bored sitting in the classroom all day long. Maybe if the children got to move about or even go for a walk outside of the building. Anything to get outside and get the kids interested. I plan on having set rules for the children to abide by. I know that not talking while another is talking will be one of them. Listening is a great skill. I plan on letting the kids know that I am the one in charge but to feel free to discuss any problems they have with the set rules. The children will have a say so with what they don’t feel comfortable about. I plan to communicate with the children as I teach them. Group discussion will be a big part of my teaching style. Children will not only learn a lot from me but also from their classmates.

Students need someone they can talk to and discuss things with. They need to feel free to express their feelings. Children also need someone to be in control. Total chaos is not what children need and they cannot take care of themselves. They need someone to be in control. They need a role model.
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