My Philosophy of Teaching

My Philosophy of Teaching

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Philosophy of Education

As people we all have experiences that are unique to only ourselves and it can be argued that it is through these experiences that we mold individual personalities. Not all of these experiences can be positive or enjoyable ones. Sometimes the hardest of all experiences are the ones in which we take memories and tools that make ourselves stronger people. Thankfully the experience that I am going to depict that had specific value to me was both enjoyable and positive in how it shaped my future. It was a year long trip that I took with my parents that spanned all the way across my eighth grade year of school, and reached nearly every continent of the world. This experience not only brought me to new places but also brought me to new realizations about the world that surrounded me. Though despite all of its glories this experience taught me a hard lesson as well which is what it means to be truly grateful. If one is not grateful towards his or her own belongings then it is impossible to really appreciate and enjoy the possessions and connections that can make life wonderful live.

After a long drawn out seventh grade year where hormones and puberty hit me like a ton of bricks I felt like I needed some time off to clear my head. Fortunately my parents had the same idea but instead of just taking a little time off they, as well as myself, were willing to do something extraordinary that none of us would forget any time soon. It was set. My eighth grade year would be spent not in public school, but rather through home schooling. The greatest part is that my schooling would not take place at home and would continue as we were traveling. The continents we traveled to included Africa, Australia, Europe, and parts of South America and Asia. The countries we visited within those continents are numerous except each one was fun and interesting in its own way.

All of the continents we visited are very different from each other and we had a blast at each one doing various things based on what that continent had to offer socially and geographically.

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The continent that had the most profound impact on me however would have to of been Africa. Africa is a place unlike any other in both geographical looks and culture. The landscape there is comprised of vast mountain systems, rivers, and jungles that are very appealing to the eye. However I would have to admit that what overwhelmed me the most was the harsh reality of the huge amounts of poverty. I cannot describe in words the presence that it has around you while you are there. It made me feel as if their whole society had stopped and they were just watching me and my parents to see if we would pause to give them something or buy something they had to sell. That made me feel very spoiled, and also extremely sorry for the hardships that these people faced. There was one instance where I saw a young child collecting edible garbage in a trash bag he was carrying that he in turn gave to a woman that appeared to be his mother. I interpreted this as a major role reversal and could not help but feel sorry for the lady that was eating food that had already been disposed of. It was visions and feelings such as these that shaped my new realizations of the world. My mother cooked and prepared a lot of meals for me in my life and I never once have had to search or scavenge for food. After seeing what that child was doing for his mom I feel grateful for what my mom does for me.

In America you become so involved in what it is your doing whether it be work, family, or trying to keep up with new technologies that you can lose sight of the people and creatures that exist around you that are struggling to obtain natures basic gifts like food, water, and comfortable shelter. A realization I took with me from Africa was that I truly am fortunate regardless of what setbacks I may have every now and then. So what if I have to pay my car insurance or study for midterms? At least I get to drive home, open the garage, and walk into a warm house where the people inside of it love me. It isn’t that poverty stricken people don’t love each other it’s just that it is hard to express love when the surroundings are so painful to live in. Sometimes you just don’t realize what you have until you see someone else deprived of the things you throw away such as unfinished food. The time that I spent in Africa was the first experience I had witnessing true third world poverty. I have seen it since then in countries like Thailand, Haiti, Bolivia, and Turkey, but it was never as severe as it was in Africa.

This experience showed me places of the world that most people will never see and some people have never even heard about. That makes me feel very grateful for what I did, and very hopeful that in the future I will be able to do something similar once again. My gratefulness extends into the country in which I live in and into the family that I am still connected with and close to this very day. What I am most grateful for is the realization that I must cherish whatever it is that I have and never let the things that I can’t do interfere with the things that I can in order to be happy.
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