Opinions of Radical Environmentalism

Opinions of Radical Environmentalism

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Opinions of Radical Environmentalism

The two articles I am going to look at are Radical Environmentalists vs. the Beavers by Jack Alan Brown Jr. and Environmentalists are Mean Green Joes by F.R. Duplantier.
Radical Environmentalism is now a common term in our vocabulary. When you here the term what do you think about? I think about all the things that the environmentalists talk about and all the ideas brought to the table, good and bad. In the two articles I read they are both on the same subject of Environmental issues. The first author Jack Alan Brown Jr. is not against the environmentalism but feels that we have to do something to farther the advance of human kind. The second author F.R. Duplantier topic is “Do environmentalists really love nature, or do they just hate people”(p.1)? A combination of the author’s opinions would give you my thesis. For the advance of the human culture to take place, nature is going to have to help by giving the humans the resources available in nature.

In the first article the author is presenting the idea of what the beavers do to the rivers and how they work together to get things done. The author is relating the beavers, a fuzzy, nice looking animal, in an attempt to get an emotional response. This author is making the other view on dams, look like they are the bad guys because if the beavers do it why cannot the people do it. The author says, “[Beavers] They alter the wet lands wherever they go”(p.1). The author is comparing the humans building of dams and the beavers building of dams. However the author is using a small scale comparing it to a big scale, but you can easily see his point. Brown’s sentence structure flows very nicely and does use nice sentence structure making it clean for everyone to understand. The points are all very clear and direct. The author does this in order to make sure that there is no confusion between what is being said and what is being understood.

From the beginning of the essay you know what the author’s viewpoint on the subject is. The thesis in the beginning is a very clear on that. The author, Duplantier is very straightforward. This author uses many quotes to reinforce the point of his writing. “The goal of environmentalists is to protect nature, not for man, but from man”(p.

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1). After this the author says that nature is there to molded for the survival. The author is using words that provoke the reader to think about what is happening, and are the environmentalists just hypocrites out to make a buck. In reading this the article you might wonder why he used so many quotes. The author seems to think that the only why to say what he is going to say is through the exact words of person who wrote an article of writing on the same subject. In using so many quotes the author might have brought the quality of the paper down. However this does seem to work in getting the thesis across to the reader. The author looks to the root of what envirmentalism is in essence. The author says, “That man ought to be sacrificed for the sake of nature”(p.1). The author uses powerful words to get an emotional response from the reader. When the reader sees the word sacrificed you are bound to have a reaction. The author knows this and in using that word hopes to get you to see his point of view.

Both the authors of the two articles have some similarities and differences. The common idea that both authors have is to get the reader to have some kind of emotion and cognitive thought when reading their piece of work. The approach on getting to the emotion rhetoric is a different way of going about things. The first author is trying to relate something that is commonly known as cute by the masses. The second uses the words of another to make his ideas seem just a little more acceptable. Both of the authors have a common opinion that the environmentalist views have two sides and not too only look at one side of the issue.

In reading both of the essays it helps you the reader to see two different ways of getting to the essentially the same view. The Duplantier view is one that uses many quotes of a respectable source to help get the idea of his thesis across to the reader. The Brown essay uses more of an image forming way to get to the thesis and uses comparisons to help guide the reader to the thesis. Both of the essays have a logical appeal brought about through the use of the facts and emotions to aide in doing this. I think that a goal could be reached with the aide of nature, man will be able to advance to the next level.

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