Music, Ethos and Pathos

Music, Ethos and Pathos

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Music, Ethos and Pathos

Ethos: The credibility of Anti-Flag, as of right now, is growing enormously. All the other punk bands look to these guys and marvel at how much they are defending their beliefs. For example, a person is watching his or her favorite band play and he or she begins to talk of how great Anti-Flag is. Immediately one could pick up on that and want to get to know more about Anti-Flag. It is a chain reaction of learning about other bands through bands that he or she already knows. If Anti-Flag are respected by bands that were the original punk-rockers such as Bad Religion, NOFX, and The Clash, then they will be admitted into the fan base of such bands. As long as a band can get a well known band to show favor, the band will be more accepted by the fan-base community. This is ironic because the band does not have to make good music as long as a respected band likes them.

Pathos: The emotions that are really being played on the most are anger. People have so much anger when they can not understand the world or what is going on in it. The audience becomes furious to all the killing and death in the world and they need someone there to sympathize with them. Anti-Flag gets the listener angry by exposing the faults of the world. The listener appreciates this because Anti-Flag will not sell into the wrongs of the world. It uses the emotion of finding comfort in that there is someone else out there that has the same views as the listener does. The band uses punk rock music as a common ground with the listeners and expresses their views through their songs. This relates back to the author because this is a great way to protest through music.

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To the audience is the punk rock community who will not conform to society if their beliefs are strong enough. This relates to the purpose of creating an anger to go out into the world and make the people’s voice heard. It all ties back together for the common goal of standing up for one’s beliefs and not buying into the system.
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