The Common Theme in the Songs of Good Charlotte

The Common Theme in the Songs of Good Charlotte

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The Common Theme in the Songs of Good Charlotte

There are three specific songs sung by Good Charlotte that all have a common theme. The songs are called Wondering, Emotionless, and Predictable. In all of these songs the common theme of relationships is reoccurring. There are successful and failed relationships as well as relationships with family members and girlfriends.

In the song Wondering, by Good Charlotte a boy is happy that he found somebody that he can trust and wants to be around. He tells her that he is willing to wait for her and wants to be with her forever.

Emotionless, is about a boy who is writing to his father who abandoned his family during his childhood. He asks him why he was never around, how they struggled to survive and that he misses him.

In the song Predictable, it’s about a boy’s relationship with a girl who he loved and she turned out to break his heart. This boy becomes broken because he knew the girl was so predictable.

The main theme in the three songs is having or being in a relationship. Each song is talking about a relationship with either a family member or a girlfriend. Most songs these days are written about relationships and this usually makes the song more interesting to listen to. When people write songs they usually write about their feelings or personal experiences that they have had. All of these songs were written about things that had happened to certain people in the past. Songwriters find it easier to write songs about what may be going on in there life or what may have happened in the past. To them it’s a way of expressing themselves and maybe releasing stress.

Two of the songs deal with relationships with a girlfriend. In Predictable, it’s more about a girl that left a boy (this isn’t the first time, that you left me waiting. Sad excuses and false hopes high, I saw this coming, still I don’t know why, I let you in).

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He is trying to say that the girl is very predictable and he shouldn’t have let in her as close as he did because he knew what was going to happen. He’s trying to move on but finds it hard (every time I try to fall in love, they all want to know why I’m so broken. Why I’m so cold, why I’m so hard inside. Why am I scared? What am I afraid of?). The person in the song doesn’t believe that he will every be the same again because everywhere he goes people will always question him. The fact that this relationship has failed for him is going to be very hard for him to get over. The other song that deals with a relationship with a girlfriend is called Wondering. This song is most positive in the fact that the boy is willing to wait for this girl forever (if you want me to wait, I would wait for you, if you tell me to stay, I will stay right thru, if you don’t want to say anything at all, I’m happy wondering). This song is based on a relationship where the guy is willing to wait for the girl to decide what she wants to do. In the third song the relationship is about a boy and his father who left his family. He is writing a letter expressing his feelings about how his life has been without his father in it (It’s been a long hard road without you by my side, Why weren’t you there all the nights that we cried? You broke my mother’s heart, you broke your children for life, it’s not ok but we’re alright.). He’s trying to explain to his father that he missed out on most of his childhood and wished that they would have had a better relationship because he really does miss him (sometimes I forgive, yeah and this time I’ll admit, that I miss you, said I miss you). He wishes that his family had a closer relationship when he was growing up.

In conclusion the theme of relationships is definitely apparent is all three of Good Charlottes songs. Singing songs about relationships allows the writer to be able to express themselves and show what could really be going on in there life. So in the end writing songs that deal with relationships can bring out the softer side in someone and most everybody can relate somehow to the songs that they write about. This is why most songs are about relationships because most people have some kind of relationship with there family and/or a significant other. So the next time you here a song listen to see if its about a relationship and maybe how you can even relate to it.

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