The Militia Group

The Militia Group

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The Militia Group

In the year 2001 a band named Rufio, released their full length album on an unrecognizable record label. Since then The Militia Group has grown to become a popular label in the Southern California area and is starting to gain fame with the rest indie rockers of the United States. The Militia Group decided to create a web site to share the label with the world and hope to let others experience the joy the bands bring. They asked a company to create a website that is accessible to all so their record label could grow. This company helped The Militia Group create an amazing site that is simple enough for those non-computer users but still entertaining enough for people to come back to the site over and over again. The Militia Group successfully uses ethos, pathos, and logos to create a credible, entertaining, and informative website.

Most websites will have partners or links on the webpage to supporting web pages or sites that will reinsure their audience they are credible. The Militia Group, like other label’s websites, has a section with just the bands that are signed by the label and a section to media such as audio and video, that you can hear the different bands. In the section with the bands, each band has its own bio, tour dates, releases, specific news, and a link to their website. By displaying all this information for every band people feel that everything must be true, because no one would go to that much of an effort to make this entire up. For those people who still may still feel some doubt on if this is a true label, they can go to the media section. In the media section of the website, one can find audio and video clips, photos, and many other things. The audio and video clips and photos all help the label credibility. Now the person can hear and see that there are actual bands that have been signed by the site and are making real music. The site is not only credible but also very entertaining.

Things such as the audio and video clips do not only make the site credible but also make the site very entertaining. Most websites will usually open with a page that you need to click to enter the site, but the Militia Group goes beyond just the picture by putting either information about a future CD or even sometimes music samples from an upcoming or new release.

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Before a person can even get into the main site they are all ready being entertained by shorts clips of songs not yet on the market. Then after passing the opening pages you come to the sites home page where at the bottom of your screen a media player that automatically plays songs of the label’s bands. It is always at the bottom of the screen as long as you are on the Militia group’s site, so that you will always have music playing in the background. Not only does this website give you audio and visual clips but the website is filled with news, information on bands, and even a message board that fellow Militia Group fans can discuss on topics about music or anything else. There are so many web pages in the site that it could entertain a person for at least a few hours just looking throughout the entire site. Also the audio and video clips keep one entertained for hours on top of that. The Militia Group is not just entertaining though.

Although The Militia Group’s is credible and entertaining, they are also very informative to their viewers about the bands signed to the label and matter relating to the bands. In the site you can look at all the bands signed to the label. They all have individual pages with things such as the bands biography, a list of their tour dates and their releases on the label. Here you can also access the bands website to find further information about the bands. On top of the all the bands individual pages, The Militia Group also has a news section in their site. When you enter the site the first page to appear to the viewer is the news page. On the news page is a section with news, relating to the label or the bands on the label, which is updated periodically. But not only do they give the viewer news, but the top of the page displays recent and upcoming records from the bands on the label. The Militia Group gives so much information to their viewers that it could take a while to remember it all.

The Militia Group’s website has turned out to be very credible, entertaining, and informative to all of its viewers. The webpage has many audio and video clips and photos that help people feel that The Militia Group has a believable webpage. These audio and video clips and the large size of the site also entertain its viewers for hours on end. Not only the size and media on the site help viewers, but news and band’s individual pages inform viewers of everything that is going on with the label. The Militia Group’s website is an amazing site that pulls it viewers in and when they leave they feel fully satisfied with their experience of looking at the site.

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