Exploring the Beauty of Flagstaff

Exploring the Beauty of Flagstaff

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Exploring the Beauty of Flagstaff

I have always loved visiting Flagstaff for its beautiful atmosphere. Part of which makes Flagstaff so beautiful are the beautiful pine trees that make up the woods. Driving up from Tucson can be such a long drag, especially when all you see is desert. You really know when you finally hit Flagstaff, because the trees along I 17 start to get bigger. They are so beautiful as they stand tall and sway with the light breezes that pass by. The woods show the strength of Flagstaff as well as the beauty. They surround the city like children would surround their mothers. The woods of Flagstaff create the perfect atmosphere that will set your mood to a delightful state. To escape the reality of our busy world, the perfect place to sit and relax is in the middle of pine trees and listen to the soothing sounds of solitude.

The first thing you want to do in Flagstaff is go outdoors and explore. There is so much that you shouldn’t pass up in the way of outdoor activities. You can go hiking on one of the many trails Flagstaff has to offer, or create your own journey. The best way to explore is to make your own path, but by being careful as to leave markers so you can find your way back. When you find a great place to enjoy the woods and explore, park you car, step out, and take a long deep breath of the fresh pine air.

Once you fill your lungs up with fresh natural air you begin to wonder why you would ever go back to a busy intoxicated city again. Right away you feel calm and relaxed. There is something about the comforting green trees that stand so tall above you and make you realize how beautiful nature really is.

As you decide on a place to sit down and soak up your surroundings, you come across a large rock that makes you feel like it was nature’s chair made especially for you.

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When you sit or lay down on this rock, close your eyes and just listen. The soft ruffling of leaves puts you in a peaceful dreamy mood. Then the wind will pick up speed and you can hear it whistling through the trees high above you. When you’re lying there thinking of how wonderful you feel you suddenly hear small little footsteps behind you. That’s when you wake up from your slumber and see an animal so beautiful with its soft long fur and a long bushy tail. The small creature has the colors of black and white that mix so beautifully that you’re caught in a daze looking at it.

Then, suddenly, you begin to smell a big gust of odor that makes you feel like you just stuck your head in to a moldy, dirty diaper. This smell triggers something in your brain that causes to recognize that this animal is a skunk. You finally allow yourself to smile once you realize he didn’t spray you and that you can escape this horrible smell by getting up to explore more of your surroundings.

As you walk up a little incline and perch yourself upon a hill you look down and see your car. You think to yourself of how out of place your car looks sitting there in the woods. You yawn and stretch as you are overpowered by the crisp taste of pine, it is almost minty in your mouth. It feels so comforting to be able to taste and breathe fresh pine air. When you walk around you may come across beautiful little flowers that sprout out below the rugged tree trunks or sturdy rocks. You pick out a flower and tickle its soft petals all over your face. The petals are as soft and light as feathers and feel so comforting to your skin.

When you walk around and explore you may come across some belongings that other people left behind and frown on those you know that were left there on purpose. Its such a shame to think that people take something so gorgeous for granted. The people of Flagstaff are so down to earth and extremely nice. You have to assume those belongings were left by some ridiculous tourist who can’t appreciate anything but themselves.

One thing is for sure though; you can always count on the woods to be there for you. That’s a great feeling when you decide to escape your busy and extensive lifestyle and spend time with yourself. It’s a wonderful way to sit there and build up your own self preservation. Life is so beautiful and so short that everyone needs time to themselves and enjoy what’s already given to them. Flagstaff is so beautiful and you can’t truly experience its beauty if you don’t get outdoors. Whether you go hiking, biking or even just go exploring it will be a whole new adventure every time. The perfect way to de-stress your hectic life and being one with yourself is to sit in the middle of the woods absorbing all of the natural world that you possibly can.

I will never forget my wonderful experiences I have had in Flagstaff. Ever since I was little it always brought a smile to my face to go out and explore. I love Flagstaff and I hope everyone can come and enjoy it as much as I have. There is always something new to experience so everybody should go out each day, try a different journey and take in all that nature and the woods of Flagstaff has to offer.
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