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Talking to Ghosts

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Talking to Ghosts

During my research, I was reminded of an incident in my psychology class that led me to write about this topic. It was a Friday and I walked into my psychology class thinking we were going to prepare for our upcoming class, but I was all wrong. My professor walked in and claimed he had ESP, which is extrasensory perception. He said that he could read people’s minds and know what we were thinking. My teacher asked us to write anything simple on a piece of paper and fold the paper in half. My classmates wrote a message on the paper and handed the papers to him. One by one he read them and had most of my classmates, including me believing he could do that. To my surprise, what he said was completely false and he went on to say how there is no such thing as ESP and psychics because there were not any tests to prove that there were. By this time I was upset because I couldn’t argue my point and I knew other wise to his theory of there are no psychics and no ESP. If psychics were false and ESP was false than what could be said about a renowned psychic, Sylvia Browne and one of my best friends, who as of right now will be known as “Bob”.

My friend “Bob” and I have known each other for a year now. I never truly found out about her special gift till we started talking and realized that we were exactly alike. See my friend told me that she can talk to ghosts and spirits. She has instances where she is not herself, but someone else from a different time and a different place. She, my friend, trusted me and knew I wouldn’t treat her like a crazy person who needed psychiatric help.

Before I get to her story, I should probably explain the difference between ghosts and spirits and to do that I went to books I own by Sylvia Brown. In Sylvia’s book The Other Side and Back ghosts were explained as people who do not realize they are dead. Ghosts are earthbound because they either committed suicide, have regrets of their mistakes they made, feel the need to stay behind for loved ones or they just died so quickly that they have not realized the truth.

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Ghosts tend to be lost and confused, angry and sometimes aggressive (The Other Side and Back 11). Spirits, on the other hand, are already on the other side. They hold no regrets and are always willing to help people on earth anyway possible.

The first experience, Bob told me, was with her ability to hear spirits. One night her family had a get together. Her brother, sister-in-law and nephew showed up and were getting ready for bed. It was the middle of the night and Bob heard a voice saying out
loud, “Go check on your nephew. He is not breathing.” My friend thought nothing of it, but this voice she was hearing would not let her go back to sleep. She gave in and walked to her nephew’s room. She looked in the crib and realized that her nephew truly was not breathing. My friend would come to find out that the spirit’s name was Fred,
Fred is always around to protect her nephew and if it wouldn’t have been for Fred
bugging “Bob” in the middle of the night, then her nephew could be dead. The next day she told her parents about what had happened to her, but they just thought she was crazy.

She then told me an experience with a ghost. Let’s just say, she was not herself, but this ghost from a different life. It was nighttime when this event occurred. She got out of her bed, walked outside and started looking for a locket by her house that was lost. Some friends of hers came out to see what she was doing and when they asked her, “Bob” just answered that she was looking for a locket that was given to her by a boyfriend and she lost it and she needed to find it because it was very important, “Bob” would never find the locket. At this time “Bob” did not have a boyfriend nor a locket. She kept this a secret from her family in hopes that they wouldn’t look at her differently. She started becoming interested in finding out if talking to ghosts was “normal.” She started reading up on a psychic named Sylvia Browne and continues to work on perfecting her gift.

If there truly were no such thing as psychics than why is she on so many shows and have so many books out? I started with the second book written about her instinct called Life on the Other Side. Psychic Sylvia Browne was born a psychic and came from a long line of family members that had the psychic ability ( Life on the Other Side 1). From a very young age, she was encountered by ghosts and spirits, but had only her grandma Ada to talk to ( Life on the Other Side 7).

Sylvia talks about her first encounter with a spirit. She was seven years old. She was in her room playing with a flashlight when she heard a voice say; “I come from God Sylvia. Don’t be afraid?” She ran to her grandmother and told her what happened. Her grandmother calmly explained it was Sylvia’s spirit guide (Life on the Other Side 9).
Sylvia talked about her favorite ghost story in 1990. She received a call telling her that she should investigate a haunting on the Queen Mary (Visits from the After Life 261). Sylvia agreed without hesitation. As she stepped on the Queen Mary, she was in awe by the ship. She looked around and told the crew and the TV crew, that was taping, that there were no ghosts. See Sylvia loathes telling a lie just to boost ratings, but the further she walked, she started to realize the ship was truly haunted. She heard footsteps and then noticed ghosts dancing and talking. One ghost was more enthusiastic than the rest and was happy to see that Sylvia could see and talk to her. The ghost’s name was Mary (Visits from the After Life 265).

Mary started telling Sylvia her tragic story not realizing the significance of it. Mary’s story goes something like this”

There was a man. His name was Robert. I was deeply in love with him and accepted his marriage proposal. Then, with no warnings and no apologies, he simply vanished one day, running off to marry another women he had decided might be more to his financial advantage, I later found out. I was disconsolate and my parents dragged me on the Queen Mary for a three-month trip to Europe. They hoped that this trip would mend my broken heart and help me forget about Robert, whom they never approved of (Sylvia 265-266)
As Sylvia heard this story, she came to figure that by the third day Mary went to the lower deck of the ship and killed herself. Mary, on the other hand, believed
that she was still alive and that Robert was going to leave the other woman and come back for her. As Sylvia finished talking to Mary, a guy walked behind her and asked whom she was talking to. She explained to this guy that the ship was haunted and she knew, by the look on his face, that this guy thought she was nuts, but as she talked to him, he felt an experience he never felt before. This guy became cold, not the normal cold, but a chill that is unexplainable. As the guy explains the feeling to Sylvia, it is like stepping in a cobweb. This guy, who Sylvia was referring to, was none other than the talk show host, Montel Williams (Visits from the After Life 267-268).

That would not be the only time she would talk to ghosts. She went to famous people’s homes like The Bela Lugosi, he is known for Dracula, Alfred Hitchcock, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe (Visits from the After Life 154,160, 169 and172). Sylvia would have seances at restaurants. To prove that she was talking to ghosts, she researched all the information she got. As Sylvia explains, “No psychic is 100% right and if a psychic says they are than those psychics are fake (Visits from the After Life).”

If psychics are not real than how can we explain some of the things, for instance when a Psychic mentions a health problem a person may have, that are true without the psychic able to know about it. Sylvia Browne’s book, “Visits from the Afterlife”, has
stories from people without the psychic instinct, but the psychic ability to see ghosts and Sylvia even puts her experiences in there. Everybody has the psychic ability (Sylvia 56). Some people are quick to judge though, that the unexplainable can’t be proven and because of that there can be no such thing as psychic ability, intuition and ESP.

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