The Act of Blogging:Creating an Online Home

The Act of Blogging:Creating an Online Home

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The Act of Blogging:Creating an Online Home

A phenomenon has taken place on the internet. This phenomenon is called blogging. Blogging is nothing more the journal of people published on the internet. The interesting thing is, other people around the world can share in this journal with you. Another interesting note that might be commonly over looked, is the resemblance of a blog site and a real home, metaphorically speaking. Whether or not a blogger is intentionally giving his site a homely look to it, the resemblance is there nonetheless.

Items you might come across on a blog site are pictures, a portfolio of the blogger, and links to other blog sites. For the bloggers that take this seriously, it is important to have this information to create an environment that you are comfortable with and you are comfortable with others to view. You want for the viewers to feel welcome to your site and enjoy what they see and read. For the viewers, they are looking for a connection with other people with similar likes and dislikes.

An individual named Andy does a lot of traveling, and has created a blog site to tell about his travels. Because of his extensive travels, Andy has chosen to make an online home. In several e-mail conversations I had with Andy, he told me that his web site is a place where he can go for some familiarity. He was intrigued at the comparison that I had made between the two types of homes.

When you enter this site you are greeted with a different picture about once a week. Pictures are important; they add life to the web site. Pictures are also important because they give character to the web site, and in some cases can even tell a story. Pictures on a web site are a lot like pictures on the wall of a house, for the same reasons. Pictures or paintings I feel are a necessity for a house or web site.

Throughout a house you will find books, magazines, newspapers, and all sorts of other little nick nacks. These items are there for enjoyment and education. They also describe what kind of person it is that lives there and what his likes and dislikes are. In the blog world, you might find a personal profile of the blogger. For the serious bloggers, it is almost a guarantee that you will find one.

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In the case of Andy, he describes the types of books, music, movies, TV shows he like to watch. He also tells about his interests and hobbies. Andy has a photo gallery, and even gives his resume in the off chance that someone will come across his site and have an interest in his work. This information is important, so you can create an open honest relationship with somebody. Honesty is important; therefore the information given out is equally important. I would want to attract people with similar ideas, hobbies, and values like I do in the real world. When that honesty is there, you create new friendships. Howard Rheingold says, “One of the few things that enthusiastic members of virtual communities in places like Japan, England, France, and the United States all agree on is that the expanding their circle of friends is one of the most important advantages.”(96)

Julie O’Neill, another blogger, has site much like Andy at She goes as far as putting in pictures of herself and audio sound bytes. She has even put in her telephone number and home address. Both blog sites, have links to other blog sites. In a way, these links are like a personal phone book. They have found other people with similar ideas and hobbies, and have created a relationship with them. I think this is an advantage to blogging. It helps bring people from long distances away together and create friendships that might not ever occur.

However, there is an analogy I would like to show, and that is concerning the flow of traffic through your real home compared to your web home. When you walk up to your home, you are greeted by the front door. In most cases, you have to use a key to get through the door. It is a security precaution to keep other people out. While in the virtual world, you have something similar to a front door. It is an html address you need to click on to gain access. However, there is a major difference, there is no security precaution to keep people out. That is a big difference between the two homes. In the real world you want to keep people out or away by locking the door to protect your valuables. Or you might not want to communicate with certain types of people. Where bloggers want as many visitors as possible. They want to communicate with other people for various reasons. There is nothing to protect on a blog site. While in the real world, you only want a select few to enter your home. In your real home, you look for privacy and quiet. (Seabrook) “In going online, you make some of your personal space available to others.”(371) I couldn’t agree more with Seabrook, but as far as I can see it, that’s what bloggers want. They want to share themselves with other people. Sometimes it is easier to talk when there is not a person in front of you. Another statement that Seabrook made was, “The internet is a little hole you drill in the wall of your real home to let the world in.”(371)

So, what is the value of blogging or creating a home for yourself on the internet? “The best online journals and weblogs keep moving, growing, and changing directions, mirroring the author’s own life.”(Grohol). Much as in real life, as an individual grows and changes as a person, he or she also changes their surroundings. The house they live in always changes and grows with the individual. The same applies to a home on the interenet. As the individual grows the knick knacks and the writing changes along with the writer. A writer needs to keep the readers well informed and interested in his or her site, for the simple reason that the reader might move on. In that case, the write has just lost a friend, which does happen in the real world. The value of building a good home is to create a special place for you and others to bond. It is here were friendships can come together or fall apart.

A phenomenon is sweeping across the world. This phenomenon is called blogging. To my surprise, blog sites take on the appearance of a real home metaphorically speaking. There are countless reasons why people blog, or should I say, create an online home. Creating an online home is a way for people to communicate and create new relationships. Both places, real and virtual are a place for people to escape to. Those are just a couple of the countless reasons on why people create an online home. One thing is for certain; I am truly intrigued by this new wave of communication.

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