Reasons for Blogging

Reasons for Blogging

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Reasons for Blogging

When people blog, it has many different effects on their lives. What kind of effects, and why people blog is the question I am trying to uncover.

Blogging can be classified as an online journal, notebook, virtual community, or a dream world for people wanting to be somebody else. Blogging can also be described as a rendezvous point for relationship seekers. For people without hobbies, they find resolve in blogging. Blogging is like building a model, or painting a picture, either way, every blog has it’s own characteristics. Like people are different, blogs are different, and some people do it for pure pleasure or “fun” if you will. On the other hand blogs can be used in a moneymaking ventures, as does Jorn Barger does here, Pretentious blogger Jorn Barger is calling his potential $1,000/yr banner ads/messages an "Experiment." I guess a guy who lives like a monk in West Rogers Park can't bring himself to admit he's doing business not experiments. Nice blog though, except for his rabid fascination with people living in front of webcams, its not art its voyeurism. (Skallas) Jorn Barger tried to sell pictures to others through his blog. This is what other people like Kristin thought after he tried to sell pictures on his blog, why should he have to 'admit' anything? He owns the domain, let him do or say whatever he wants to with it. He doesn't have to account for his actions with his readers. (Kristin)

Ways to escape the world these days are hard to find. People use blogging as a form of release from the physical world. In a blog, there are no rules. According to the article “When Bloggers Came of Age”, Cooper states that there are no rules to blogging: All in all, I’ve revised my earlier views about the usefulness of blogging, moving full circle from my earlier position. Yes, there's still a lot of chaff out there, and it's the reader's responsibility to sift and choose. But in the best spirit of grassroots participation, these new information gatekeepers are helping to rewrite the rules. (Cooper)

Bloggers can be as creative or as careless as they want. They don’t have to conceal the truth, or reveal their honesty. For the people who lack the face-to-face social skills, blogging makes conversing verbally a whole lot easier, as it enables people to feel more comfortable.

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Blogging is a form of self-release, by a way of becoming someone else on the net and succeeding. “People blog for many different reasons” as Hedler states,

“What is blogging about? Why are there A-listeners versus the rest of the crowd? Blogging, for me at least, is about carving our identities and exploring themes (not unlike, say, doing pithy pieces for an unseen public radio show). And we do it in words. Sure, there are design aspects, and there are those who obsessively redesign, trying to forge out a new identity for their blogs, if not for themselves. (It's this kind of thinking that leads people get plastic surgery to change their personality.) But in the main, blogging is about text. Even where there are pictures, there is explanatory text. That's what I love about blogs. Or at least the ones I love.” (Fiedler)

Hedler has a good point in the article when he refers to blogging as an idea that coincides with plastic surgery. This idea is why some people blog. They are not happy with themselves so they try to create a new identity in another world, oblivious to the human eye.

Blogging can also be used for a purpose. When talking in chat rooms, you fail to reach a descent image of the other people. You can’t quite get a good grasp on their true identity, even if they are telling the truth. When reading a blog, people can actually get a clearer image of whom the blogger really is. When you see how much trouble a blogger goes through to make a blog, you can trust what the blogger says a little more than a person typing in a chat room.

My advise to anyone out there trying to uncover a relationship by looking at blogs, go somewhere else. There are fake identities out there that cannot be trusted or taken seriously. As my dad once told me, “Never believe everything you hear”. Famous words of wisdom that everyone should take heed to. When my father told me this, he was referring to my classmates. I was frustrated with the gossip between High School students. Now, if we can’t believe what people tell us face to face, how are we supposed to believe people who we don’t even know through a conversation over the computer. It all comes down to trust and what you as a person want to believe. When people start believing everything they read, it could get harder to trust others, no matter if you are face to face, or blog to face.

While working with blogs, I have kept an image in mind. Being a fisherman, I know how far fetched fishing stories can be. So one thing I came to realize is when you ask someone how much their fish weighed, whatever weight they tell you, subtract three pounds and you’ll have the true weight of their fish. Never believe a fisherman when a story comes up. So when relating fishing to blogs, take the bloggers best-case scenario, and imagine them being half truthful. Keeping this in mind while browsing bloggs, you won’t be set up for disappointment.

You have to have a lot of initiative and determination to create a blog and a little creativity to spice up the blog to attract readers helps too. Trying to find a blog that has some type of meaning is impossible unless a blogger is interviewed. In O'Rourke defines a blog by stateing, A blog is often a mixture of what is happening in a person's life and what is happening on the Web, a kind of hybrid diary/guide site, although there are as many unique types of blogs as there are people. (O’Rourke)

Blogging has come a long way from when it first started as stated in the entitled article “When Blogging Came of Age”, blogging has become a popular surrogate venue for offering a voice and a platform to regular folks shouldn't come as any surprise. The phenomenon started in earnest a couple of years ago with the launch of sites like Blogger and Weblogger, which provided regular people with publishing tools they could use to get their voices heard through the medium of the Internet. (Cooper) I concur with Copper when he says that people use blogs to be heard. People make statements so the whole world can hear. That is why people write in journal format on the net instead of a notebook, privately, in their own home.

Blogging will become a part of life for everyone in the future as more and more people use the Internet for many purposes in life.

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