Love in a Snow Globe

Love in a Snow Globe

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Love in a Snow Globe

Packing for college is a normal and exciting event in many newly turned legal adults’ lives. It is the first time they get to live with peers in place of nosy parents. Some items are packed are out of necessity, such as clothes, and others are to decorate the bland white walls and wooden desks to show some personality, which are all the things every teenager tells their parents they “need” to bring. When it was finally my turn to pack for college, there were many boxes that I “needed” to bring. Pictures of friends, celebrity posters, scheduling calendars, alarm clocks, school supplies, desk lamps, quick food, and tons and tons and tons of clothes were packed along with one tiny green snow globe on my first year of school. That snow globe meant and still means the world to me.

The snow globe was given to me before college, even before my final year in high school. It was a random day in the summer of 2002. That was the summer before my senior year of high school. It had been one stormy week of summer. I do not mean literally in the sense that the weather was like the end of the world type weather, but mentally and physically for me the past weeks have been nothing but thunder and lightening going off in my head. A gray storm cloud had been hanging around over my head, raining on me and only me. It was because during the last three weeks of summer vacation, I had spent hours upon hours in my high school looking at the concrete walls painted as though a rainbow had thrown up inside the school. My time had been spent on trying to fix my schedule of classes, so that I could have the perfect balance of classes to slack off in and ones that would impress colleges. The lazy counselor was taking her time and needed me to return almost everyday so that she could lecture me about her personal life. This information was important to the reason why she continued to have trouble with scheduling my classes to my liking.

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Everyday I was coming home to my mom and my dad, complaining profusely. Summer was not made to be enjoyed indoors, especially in school.

One day while I was at school once again, this time picking up my parking permit, my parents went shopping. My dad went to the Disney store and bought me a small snow globe. It was in an electric blue colored box with Donald drawn on the sides of it. When I opened the box I was surprised to see an opened clamshell on the outside of a small glass globe filled with water. Inside the globe was glitter that sparkled colors that are only found in a sunset. The glitter lightly fell around a pearl that sat at the bottom of the clam. The clam sat on an emerald green stand that had a yellow sash on it. It read “Ariel.”

It was a snow globe that represented the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.” As a little girl, always in dresses and pigtails, I made my dad watch that movie over and over again. It was and continues to be my favorite Disney movie. My dad would protect me with his huge arms, against the scary pictures flashing across the screen when the movie was near the end and the evil octopus was killed. I was safe hiding in his arms where I could not see what was happening on the screen and all I saw was my dad’s shirt, smelled a mixture of soap and his cologne, and just heard his heart beating. The screams of the evil octopus dying could not be heard either. My dad used to press the mute button on the remote control and I could only hear his heart beat. I remember all the times I watched that movie and how everything was the same.

I also used to sit in my dad’s lap while he used to read The Little Mermaid storybook. I had a Flounder stuffed animal. When I went to Disney World for the first time, I wore my Little Mermaid t-shirt and flip-flops. My childhood revolved around the movie and the characters.

My snow globe showed me a lot the day I got it and I still remember how much it means to me. It has been over a year since my dad gave it to me as a way to cheer me up. It reminded me that he cared a lot about me. He really loved me enough to buy me a small gift when I was really down and depressed. Also, he showed me that he was listening to me a lot where he knew I was truly having a hard time and did not like the fact I was spending so much time at school even before it actually started. My dad got the snow globe for me because I loved nick knacks and little items in my room I could play with when I’m bored. Most importantly, he got me a reminder of my childhood memories. The snow globe reminded me of all the good times I had with my dad as a kid and how much I really loved “The Little Mermaid.” The movie also showed me of simpler times of how everything was in black and white and innocent, before I grew up and my life turned complicated and dramatic due to the pressures and demands of everyday adult life.

Even though his gesture was small and only supposed to cheer me up, his gift meant a lot more to me then he probably originally planned. When I look at my dorm room and work at my desk, I see all my memories in my snow globe. Most of the time, when I look into it, all I see is how much my dad loves me.
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