One of the Greatest Concerts Ever

One of the Greatest Concerts Ever

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One of the Greatest Concerts Ever

It was a cold windy day in late November. The sky was blue, but the air had a
chill to it. It was a typical Colorado fall day. My friends and I stood in a circle lightly bouncing trying to keep ourselves warm. It has always been our tradition to get to an arena at least an hour before a concert starts and wait for the doors to open. This day was no different we refused to let the weather break our tradition. We ended up paying for it because our nose and cheeks began to turn rosy red and our fingers and toes were going numb. When the doors to the arena finally opened we all breathed a sigh of relief and rushed inside to warm up.

Inside the arena, the excitement of all the fans could be felt. People were talking
about how much they liked the bands that would be performing, and many were amazed
to be there because it was their first concert. Many other people also seemed to be doing
the “pre-concert ritual” which is seen at many concerts, and that is getting as much beer
in them as possible. Everyone seemed to be having a good time preparing for the concert
ahead. The arena was separated into two different sections; the reserved seating section
which goes all along the arena and then the general admission section which is all along
the floor of the arena closest to the stage. My friends and I were on the floor; this is our traditional spot and seems to be where all of the action takes place. This is where people mosh in the mosh pits and fans can try and get as close to the stage as possible. Not only is being on the floor the liveliest and most fun spot to be, it is also the most dangerous.

People will begin moshing and run into the rest of the crowd, and many fights will break
out because people want to get as close to the stage as possible. Being a smaller girl is a huge disadvantage at a concert like this. It is really easy to get pushed and sometimes it is hard to see over other people because they are taller. My friends and I were as close to the stage as we could get and we were having a great time listening to the band Trust Company.

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After the bands first two songs thingsbegan to go bad. A drunken guy came up and started pushing everyone around. He couldn’t understand why everyone was getting so frustrated with him. All we wanted to do was to have a good time and enjoy ourselves, but his obnoxious behavior was ruining it for everyone. We didn’t even get to watch the whole bands set because we were to busy dealing with the drunk guy and trying to protect ourselves from him. After Trust Company was done playing the obnoxious drunk thought that it would be okay to invite four more of his friends up there to hang out with him. All of them were in the same mental state as this guy and were fairly big. They were rather shocked when none of us would move for them so they just stayed where they were. We assumed that after this we would be able to just enjoy ourselves and have a good time the rest of the night but we had a rude awakening coming our way.

During the intermission between Trust Company and Disturbed which was the
next band, the excitement was beginning to build. All the people were talking about the
next band and how good they were and how exciting it would be to see them. Many
people were bouncing lightly from side to side showing how anxious they were. Others in
the crowd were whistling and screaming trying to get the crowd really pumped up. While
all this was going on the people who had earlier drank so much beer were making their
way to the restrooms hoping that they would make it back in time to seeDisturbed.

When Disturbed came out the crowd erupted in a thunderous roar of screams. People
were screaming, jumping up and down, and nodding their heads. This was when the night
became really rough for us and the surrounding people around us. The people that were
behind us decided that they wanted to rush to the front of the crowd, in turn we became
trapped in a sea of people. At first it wasn’t too bad dealing with the crowd pushing on
us, but after about ten minutes it was too much to handle. I began to get crushed and the
force that was against us made it so that I couldn’t breathe. My face was turning white
and I felt as if my body was just going to collapse. My friends had people clear a path so that they could get me out of there. We moved back about twenty feet and I instantly felt better. I was finally able to watch the show and enjoy it. Watching Disturbed was a great experience. They played for about 45 minutes and put on a great show. I was really amazed to find out that there were only 4 members in this band, a guitarist, a bassist, a drummer, and a singer. From listening to them on CD and on the radio it sounded as if there would be another guitarist because there music sounds so full. I was also impressed by their stage presence, just by watching them it was apparent that they really loved what they were doing and were very comfortable with being on stage and playing their instruments. During Disturbed’s set the singer did this dance that really reminded me of a modern day Elvis. The girls in the crowd obviously loved it because every time he would shake his hips they would scream like crazy. The bassist and the guitarist were very into it also. Their heads were moving so fast that it was very seldom their faces were seen because they were covered in a mess of hair. When
Disturbed was done playing and walking off the stage they had huge smiles on their face
because they were proud of their performance, they also began throwing water bottles,
drumsticks, and guitar picks into the crowd which caused a huge commotion ofdie hard
fans trying to get a memento from the concert.

After Disturbed had left the stage and the house lights came back on the crowd
looked worn out. Many guys had taken their shirts off to cool off and the smell of the
arena reminded me of the way my high school gym smelled after gym class. My friends
and I were really glad for the intermission because then we didn’t have to worry about
getting run into or pushed. We had a chance to relax before Korn came out onstage.
Fifteen minutes into the intermission it was obvious that the crowd was becoming restless
and the anticipation was radiating off of the fans. The crowd began to chant Korn’s name.
At first it started out rather slow and then really began to pick up the pace. Finally the chant slowed back down again and people’s voices began to dwindle, but it was very
clear to hear the people who hadn’t realized that the chant was dying scream it out some
more and give everyone a good laugh. Everyone was anxiously waiting because Korn has
one of the best stage presences out of any band that is popular today. About another
fifteen minutes passed before the anticipation was over and the house lights went out and
the stage lights came on.

When the house lights were cut off, the crowd was so loud that it was almost
nearly impossible to hear anything but screams. The band let the crowd scream for awhile
before coming onstage. During the waiting process there was a big screen in the
background that was showing animation and clips of the band. Finally after much waiting
the band walked out and the screams were twice as loud as before. The screams were
thundering throughout the entire arena and seemed loud enough that it could pop
someone’s eardrums. The band began their first song and the floor was covered in
moving people. Everyone was so into the music that we were feeding off of the bands
energy and they in turn were feeding off of our energy. It was an incredible experience.
I was glad that we weren’t up front still because the rush to get to the stage was twice as bad as it had been when we were up there. We were in a prime spot on the floor. We were able to see the whole band and didn’t have to constantly worry about getting trampled. The band had an amazing set. Their songs were played flawlessly and with so
much energy. From knowing what I know about the band I know that performing is their
lifelong dream, but even if I didn’t know that, it was apparent through their performance.

None of them stood still while playing. They just let themselves go and gave the crowd
everything they had. It was hard to pick what to watch during this bands’ set though
because in the background they had the screen still playing the animation yet the band
was moving around playing their hearts out. The singer, who was the most energetic,
probably because he didn’t have a guitar strapped around his neck, was like a crazed
maniac. He couldn’t stand still or in one place for more than 10 seconds. He was going
from side to side and to the middle of the crowd singing which really seemed to help
build the crowds enthusiasm. If he was standing in one spot he would just jump up and
down and move his head along with the beat of the song. It was amazing to watch
someone with as much energy as he had. While the guitarists didn’t move around too
much they were still fun to watch. The guitarist who stood on the left hand side of the
stage always had a look on his face like he saw something that the crowd didn’t see. At
times he seemed to be off in his own little world. The guitarist who stood on the right
hand of the stage would just jump around in a circle. It reminded me of someone square
dancing without a partner. The drummer who was elevated and was the only drummer who was visible the whole night was really into his playing. His head was going crazy and it looked like if he moved it any faster it would fly off and hit some innocent fan.

This was the best band I had ever seen live. During Korn’s last song a machine let out a ton of confetti and streamers. They were everywhere, on the stage on the floor, and on almost everyone who was on the floor. It was a great way to end a concert. As the band finished their last song they also came out and threw drumsticks, water bottles, and guitar picks. Unfortunately none of us caught any but we had a great time anyway. By this time the crowd had no energy left in them; people were glistening with sweat and looked exhausted. As we were making our way out of the arena people were talking about how great this concert was and it was the best concert they had ever been to. All I knew was that I wanted to get outside to get some fresh air and hoped that my ears would quit ringing. Once outside the air that had earlier made our fingers and toes go numb was a welcoming feeling. I was surprised that none of us had steam coming off of us. Although I was able to get the fresh air I wanted my ears just wouldn’t quit ringing. All of this was worth it though and was one of the greatest concerts I had ever experienced.
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