Essay About Family: The Fishing Trip

Essay About Family: The Fishing Trip

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?Mexico? Wow!? I thought as my parents informed my 14 year old sister and I as to where we were going. I was 18 at the time and had never traveled anywhere outside of the United States. I pictured these amazing beaches and daydreamed about meeting a cute guy, not pausing to even think about the fact that if I did meet someone, they would probably live a million miles away. And who knew what my mom and dad were going to adventure into once we arrived there?they always like to have something planned for each day, this doesn't bother me too much because our vacations usually end up pretty interesting.

My dad has already begun to come up with some things we must do no matter what…”I've been reading up about deep-sea fishing, you go out in the middle of the ocean all day and…” My sister and I have already made up our minds about this little idea, as we roll our eyes my mom nudges us, “Dad really wants to do this…don't ruin it for him, you know if he thinks you guys don't want to go, then we won't go and this is something he has been wanting to do for a long time.” My sister and I agree that we will let him have his fun too, it's not easy living with three other women, so we put on a happy face and act interested.

Months go by and the departure day has finally arrived. My sister and I feel confident that the trip is going to be awesome, we have both saved up what seems to us like a lot of money and are readily prepared for whatever awaits us. As we get off the plane I feel as if someone has thrown a damp blanket on me, “Will I be able to take this? This is annoying…“ I think to myself. Right away I realize that my tee-shirt is just simply not going to do…it is sticking to my body like paint, as soon as we get to our hotel I'm changing into a tank top and my shortest shorts. As we arrive at our hotel I am already contemplating what the heck I am going to do with my hair! It is frizzing and going flat, a bad recipe for finding any mildly cute boy. My family is excited because the first night we are going to be there, my aunt Jacki and cousin Keith are also going to be there! It will be there last night in Puerto Vallarta, so we decide to all meet up and have dinner.

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The wait staff welcomes us as we prepare ourselves for our first night out. It comes to a shock to both my sister when my parents mention casually that we can drink if we want to. “If we want to? Of course we are going to drink! It seems so wrong and my parents are actually allowing us, besides what kind of teenagers would we be if we didn't?” I think to myself. Neither my sister or I even know what drink to order so we get whatever my mom is drinking. “What's that drink called?” my sister asks my mom, “it's a margarita,” my mom replies, so we make our final decision, “We'll have a margarita please.” Not exactly what we were expecting but it will do, if only alcohol could taste like a cold vanilla milkshake. As the night progresses everyone begins to feel a little tipsy and before you know it, everyone is dancing with the waiters, even my mom. Somehow my family managed to turn this five-star restaurant into a wild night club. The waiters are lighting alcohol on fire and showing us these amazing tricks as they slide the flaming alcohol into different glasses from all different angles. All of us are amazed and having the time of our lives. After the effects of the alcohol wear off, everyone begins to get drowsy and we decide to call it a night. We bid farewell to my aunt and cousin before retiring to our hotel.

Waking up bright and early, because on vacation sleeping in is never allowed according to my parents, we prepare for our trip to the rainforest in which we all agreed on as a family. As I wait for the shuttle bus to arrive I am sweating profusely and cannot wait to get onto an air-conditioned bus. I'm ready to enjoy the bus ride to the rain forest, about 45 min. we have been told, and maybe I can even take a little nap on the way. Finally after seeing many shuttles pick up other adventure seekers, ours arrives. Walking on to the shuttle never felt so good as the blistering sun is instantly no longer an issue. Until about 10 min. into the ride?it was freezing! I could not curl up tight enough to keep myself warm, ?I can't wait to be back outside!? I think to myself. It is obvious that everyone else on the shuttle was feeling the same way I was as everyone rushes off the bus at our first stop, an ?aahhhh? escapes everyone's mouth as they enter the warm sun. Our tour guide shows us these tiny plants on the side of the road, ?touch it..? she says. As I cautiously touch the plant, it coils in towards itself and completely closes up. ?It's a self-defense mechanism!? she exclaims, so we play with the plants a while before boarding the ice-cube. ?And this is our next stop, this waterfall was in the movie Predator, has anyone seen it?? Even though I haven't seen it, I think it is the most exciting thing, the fact that I am seeing an actual scene from a movie! Now I will have something to share with all of my friends. Back in the sun we follow the guide as she shows us other scenes from the movie. The lush jungle is strewn with vines and gigantic dark green leaves, a mist envelopes the forest floor and I can't help but imagine what kind of animals are just amongst the trees, it truly does look just like a scene you would see in a movie.

It will be a few days before my dads big fishing trip and we do everything else in the mean time. Of course we walk on the beach, play in the swimming pool, and shop at every store that is even remotely close. My sister and I even meet some boys around our age and we make every excuse to go down to the pool to hang out with them. In searching for the boys one afternoon, my sister and I stumble upon a store in our hotel. We discover these amazing chocolate eggs that contain a toy inside, a different toy in each egg of course, which makes them very addicting. ?But we don't have any money?? I tell the cashier, ?No problema, you may charge whatever you buy to the room?? ?You can? So we don't have to give you money right now then right?? I ask the man excitedly. ?That's right, what would you like?? My sister and I look at each other and it's like we can read each other's minds, we walk out of the store with an underwater disposable camera, it was only $20.00, and an entire case of the amazing chocolate eggs, to share with mom and dad of course. As we get back up to the room, mom and dad are somewhat startled as to how we were able to buy the treasures. Upon learning that we charged our special findings to the room they were a little upset, but soon realized how cool those chocolate eggs really were and forgave us. They even let us go back down to the store time and time again, and my parents fell in love with the chocolate eggs so much that they wanted to take some back home to our relatives and friends so they bought all the remaining cases in the store.

Finally the day of our fishing trip arrived and I was dreading waking up. We had to be on the dock and ready to go by 7:00 a.m. To tired to even think, my sister and I perked up somewhat when we arrived at the dock and saw the cutest little kitten. Before we could even reach down to start fussing over it a very dark skinned, thin little man about 4 feet tall came over and kicked the cat, ?Gatos! No me gusto! Le gustan el fresco?? I could somewhat understand what the man had said, it was very obvious that he hated cats. I was completely shocked and almost broke down crying right then in there. Before I could even try to nurture the frightened kitten, the poor thing had already scampered away. As my family stood on the dock the little man began to hop in and out of a boat, ?is that our boat? I don't want to ride with this maniac??I thought to myself. ?Ok, we are ready,? the man sad as he helped us into the boat, there were two other men in the boat who were also going to be guiding us. I had no idea what was in store for the rest of the day, all I knew was that lunch was provided and we might catch some really big fish. As we set out across the ocean the heat seemed to remain on the land as a nice breeze remained for the rest of the day. I was more fortunate than my mom when it came to getting motion sickness?she laid down for the first half of the trip just hoping she wouldn't have to go to the side of the boat and revisit her breakfast. Once we started getting some action on the fishing reels, my moms nauseous feelings began to fade and the trip became more exciting than I think any of us, besides my dad, ever thought. ?Oh my god! It's a Dorado!? my mom screamed, as the biggest fish I have ever seen jumped out of the water right along side the boat. My mom reeled it in and when the fish was close enough to the boat to touch, one of our guides snatched this huge sharp hook and pierced the side of the fish, lifting it into the boat. Blood dripped profusely from it, bright blue blood, I was not expecting the hook and I thought the fish would simply be reeled in like any other fish that I have ever caught in my 18 years of life. ?Move! Open the box, the fish must go in there!? screamed the little man. ?So that's what this box is for huh dad?? I asked. I got a close up of the fish as it inched my way, the most beautiful blue you have ever seen, highlighted with hints of yellow. The guide told us that the colors would fade after the fish died. After everyone managed to help get this beast into the white box, my sister and I were ordered to sit on top of the lid so the fish could not jump out. ?Yeah right,? I thought, ?The fish is just going to jump out?? Seconds later I was giving it my all just to keep the lid shut, that fish must have wrestled with us for at least forty minutes before it was safe to get up. After all that exercise, I was ready for lunch?well, maybe not. Starving and ready to eat anything, I still could barely choke down my chicken sandwich. There was a strange sauce on it and the bread was soggy and turned to mush in my mouth. ?Mom, what's on this sandwich?? I asked with a raised eyebrow. ?Oh, it's like a tequila sauce, it's home-made, don't you like it?? ?Tequila sauce? It's nasty mom I don't want to eat it but I'm starving,? I said as I reached down into my brown sack to see what else was entailed in my lunch. ?Oh, here are some chips?what? Tequila chips!? Gross, now I'm really going to starve.? I thought quietly to myself, I didn't want to hurt the guides feelings. I ate the chicken off the soggy, limp roll and hoped it would tide me over for what happened to be about 6 hours later. The heat was starting to get to me and the more I moved the more sweaty I got. ?Are you having fun sweetie?? my dad wanted to know, ?yeah this is fun,? I told him, and it actually was a lot more fun than I had given hopes for, minus my tequila lunch. Finally after catching tons of tuna fish and just the one Dorado, we headed back towards the coast, about an hour long ride. When we arrived at the dock it was nearly seven and we were all glad to be back on land. My dad gave our guides the fish we had caught along with a generous tip.

Getting off the boat that day I felt pretty miserable, I was extremely tired, famished, and cranky. Still, when I think of one of the best memories I have ever had with my family I can't help but think about our little fishing trip. The rainforest was a blast and getting a little tipsy was fun too, but our fishing trip was truly a once in a lifetime experience and that is why it is so special to me. My dad got to do something that has been a life-long dream of his and I will never forget my mom screaming when she was reeling in the Dorado. As much as I dreaded the entire trip, there are certain images and feelings that I experienced, which I will never be able to fully describe to anyone else. It was nice to be stranded with my family, as we looked across the ocean, there were no other boats as far as the eye could see. The world seem so big and you seem so small. All we had were each other out there, there were no other tourists around, and besides the guides, which are extremely important, it was just us.
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