The Sweetest Thing and Coyote Ugly

The Sweetest Thing and Coyote Ugly

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The Sweetest Thing and Coyote Ugly

Comedy / Romance movies deal with emotions in a variety of aspects. Overcoming your fears and getting what you want out of life is very important. In the movies The Sweetest Thing, written by Nancy Pimental, and Coyote Ugly, written by Gina Wendkos, both of the main characters are working towards overcoming their greatest fears while making their dreams come true. Even if doing this means making wrong decisions, it always becomes a good learning experience as long as you have friends to rely on.

“First came the rules of love. Now comes the fun.” This quote is the tagline for the movie The Sweetest Thing. Christina Walters, played by Cameron Diaz, doesn’t know commitment. Christina and her friends read the book of love, but are just out to play the field. When she accidentally runs into the man of her dreams she blows him off. When she finally realizes that she is in love with him, Courtney Rockcliffe (Christina Applegate) and Christina take a road trip to get him back. Running into many disasters on the trip they end up walking in on Peter Donahue’s (Thomas Jane) wedding. Incredibly embarrassed, she miserably returns home. After making a complete fool out of herself, she still ends up getting what she wants out of life: A man to be committed to and a man to love. Finally, in the end, Peter realizes that he is in love with Christina. He goes to her apartment to apologize, and after she finally is able to overcome her fear of commitment, she takes him in, and they end up being very happy together.

Violet Stanford (Piper Perabo), stared in the movie Coyote Ugly, is a song writer from a small town in New Jersey. She moved to New York to sell her music. She has too much stage fright to perform the songs herself, and is struggling to get her music heard because of her fear. Once her new apartment is broken into and everything is stolen, she is forced to get a job. She finds a bar and is hired to work not knowing what she is getting herself into. The bar is called Coyote Ugly. Five girls work in this bar dancing on the counters and serving drinks. She makes enough money to buy herself new equipment and finally gets some auditions.

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She meets a man named Kevin O’Donnell, played by Adam Garcia, whom she is told is a music manager but in fact is a cook. She begins dating him after some time. When he sees her dancing on the counters with men at her feet he gets jealous and starts a fight causing Violet to get fired. She gets offered an audition and finally gets the courage up to sing. In the end she sells one of her songs to LeAnne Rimes making her dreams come true.

Overcoming fears is a really hard thing to do. In these two movies, both girls have their doubts and uncertainties to face. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do. For example, in The Sweetest Thing, Christina Walters, played by Cameron Diaz, is afraid of commitment. She has never been able to face her fear of staying with one man for any amount of time. When she finally meets the man of her dreams, she is too afraid to do anything about it. Likewise, in Coyote Ugly, Violet Stanford, played by Piper Perabo, is afraid of the stage. She has very bad stage fright and has a lot of trouble facing it. Once realizing that happiness in her life and making her dreams come true is at stake, she overcomes and is finally able to perform. It is clearly shown in these two films that facing and overcoming your fears will result in happiness. Both girls had their dreams come true by standing up to themselves and facing the fears that they had been running from their entire lives.

These two girls never could have faced their fears without the help and support of their friends and family. People always need friends to rely on, and it is hard to make it through life without having them. Both girls also have wild sides getting them in some trouble, but with the help of their friends they are able to get through it. Christina lets it show in a more upfront way, but her real wild side is letting go to what she has always known, and trying something new. She would never have gone on the trip to get Peter if her best friend Courtney hadn’t made her go. Her whole life changed because her friends were there for her in a time of need. Violet finds her wild side upon getting her job at Coyote Ugly. She finds this job to be beyond her expectations of just serving drinks. When her father disappointingly watches her dancing, singing, and drinking on the counters he helps her to see the need to focus more on her singing. Although she had a terrible case of stage fright, her friends and family were there to support her. In the end of the movie when she is on stage ready to perform, she freezes up. If Kevin hadn’t been there to shut off the lights for her to get her courage back up, she never would have sung her song and been able to sell it.

These girls may make a lot of wrong decisions like being dishonest and disappointing loved ones, but in the end are able to come around with the help of good friends. This is shown through fun, love, friendship, and laughter. They were able to overcome their greatest fears, because they had the support from their friends and family. These movies prove that no matter what the problem is, breaking through it will always be worth it in the end.
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