The Traveling in Hokkaido

The Traveling in Hokkaido

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The Traveling in Hokkaido

A reason why I wanted to have this trip was to find myself. In the past, I tended to compete with others because I am a half of Japanese and Swiss. I could not accept this Identity which differs from any other boys and girls so that I tended to be against things and break things. Nevertheless, growing of my age changed me not to express myself in rebels but to train my body and soul. The only way I could admit my identity was to know who I am. Therefore, this traveling was the quest of my inner world.

As I mentioned in the class before, I love all kinds of motorcycle. That is my soul and blood. There is no life without that. I spent most of my time in high school to ride on it and race with cars and friends. No matter how it was dangerous, I did not stop riding on it. One day, as a result of these very dangerous activities, I experienced a terrible accident. When I was in the hospital after my surgery, my friend presented me a set of comic book which is about the philosophy of riders. Through this reading, I dreamed to go to Hokkaido which is the legendary place for Japanese riders to go.

Luckily, when I was nineteen years old, I could manage that traveling from Shizuoka which is my home town and located in the middle of Japan to Hokkaido which is located in the northern part of Japan. Hokkaido is actually a part of Japan although it was not familiar to me because of its distance from my town to there. The traveling was totally 1500 miles, and I spent one month for it. For most Japanese, this number of miles is so long because my country is so small that people do not move such miles basically even it is for short traveling by a car. I had never experienced such a long way through my life. At the beginning of my travel, I felt that this traveling was too easy to be successful, but the reality was all the time different from what I expected. It was just hard. There were two reasons why it was so hard.

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First, my motorcycle was for racing. When I met people in Hokkaido, they always asked me why I had to have the traveling by my bike. Obviously, It does not suit for traveling. Second, this motorcycle did not have main carrier so that I have to bring a big back pack on my shoulders. It was almost dead with the weight of 25 kg in the speed of 100km/h.

Interestingly, this traveling was very strange to me because I encountered people whom I could not meet in my normal life which I had used to have and situations which I had not experienced till that time. Those people were mostly hippies, people who lost their jobs, students. I had not met such people before. They had their own philosophies. They were far away from their societies so that their ways of thinking were different from what people in society think and also I think. It gave me a new essence which was possibility in the society toward my life. For example, Japanese economic situation has been terrible. Because of that many salary men have no jobs. Some of them used this chance as a time to travel. Some tried to find new jobs. It meant that in someway, I met those salary men who were pretty optimistic. I moved around many campsites and cheap hotels and tried to make opportunity to talk to them. They taught me that to do thing which I really like is the most important thing and do not compromise what I do till the end of what I do. They were so nice. I realized how small and weak I was.

At the same time, my sacred experiences started happening. I experienced three different visions. The greatest one was that a motorcycle came over from away to in front of me in the darkness. First time, I could not figure out what it was. It was like I was in the theater and watching it consciously. They were just as real as what I see everyday. One thing I can mention is that the circumstance of being outside made me watching such dreams. In other words, to live away from human evolution made my sense sharper. Besides, some old stories of Native Indians said that that is the actual message from the spirit. It is unbelievable still now to me, but I started accepting this idea because what I got is what I had been searching for a log time. This happening leaded me to come to Flagstaff to learn more about it.

On the middle of my trip, it was pretty boring because what I had to do was just to be careful for animals, people, and cars and watch things around me. For example, shapes of mountains and farms. Hokkaido is like suburbs of Chicago. Large farms and similar views just produced boredom in my mind. I did not have enough money to buy food. I told that this is the training of my mind. I became very flexible for many different situations. This let me realized how luxurious I was.

Interestingly, I could not reach to my home. My motorcycle stopped at the 30 miles before of my house. I just cried and cried. It was so hard for a kid who could not achieve what he seriously decided to do. As an unbelievable fact, my motorcycle had already been broke at the 100 miles from my house when I started traveling. It meant that this traveling was successful. In some reasons, my broke sweet heart made her effort and brought me to such great places. As a rider, I am really appreciated this miracle.

Many of my friends said that I did well. When I left my country to study in US, I gave it to my best friend because when I lent it to my friend once before I felt that this motorcycle could belong to him. It and he was together at that moment. I felt very happy that I found a person who really could take care of it. We need love to ride.

Right now, I think the traveling to Hokkaido and come back from there was a very important quest to me to be an adult. Through the writing of my own experience helped me to recall that I was too critical to my way of thinking and belief. Human being has a right to believe whatever he or she wants to. Until this time, I was really afraid of telling my stories to people whom I do not know. I started feeling like I became a little lighter than before.
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