Buried Alive! The Fiction of Premature Burial

Buried Alive! The Fiction of Premature Burial

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Buried Alive! The Fiction of Premature Burial

Why are there claims that people are being buried alive? I will tell you why; it is an old wives tale so there is no credit to. People were never buried alive, it is all fiction. There were patents put out there but the patents were never supported. The fact that there are no signs of the patented objects ever being used makes you wonder if they ever existed. If they did exist, why are they not being used today? I will tell you why people in the present age are being embalmed. Once a person is embalmed, the body is killed in order to keep it preserved and so it does not rot. In the paper, I will discuss how if a person is buried alive it is improbable that someone would live. In addition, I will discuss the theories about Anne Hill Carter Lee's double burial.

If a person were buried alive, there would be no way to tell if they were in fact buried alive. Would you not hear the person screaming to be let out of their tomb? Of course you would not be able to hear a person scream or yell for help. They are six feet under the earth. In the times of old they would supposedly find scratch marks on the lids of coffins, but how do we know if they were telling the truth. Now in the twenty first century, we are finding no evidence of this ever happening in coffins of old days or even now days. There used to be bells and pulleys to let the person on the graveyard shift know someone was there. No longer are there such bells and pulleys. When the person who was on the graveyard shift and heard the supposed bells and sirens they had to dig up the coffin. In reality, this would have taken excessively long and the person in the coffin would run out of air.

The fact is there are articles being revised to fit the culture of the twenty-first century. In 1898, the Journal of the American Medical Association editorial reminds us of the peculiar fascination with "premature burial" held for people in the last century. Even if a person should be so unlucky as to be buried while unconscious, the editors pointed out that the average coffin contains so little oxygen that asphyxia would probably precede any return to full consciousness.

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Even modern experts are even more emphatic that living burial remains a near impossibility. Especially, with the postmortem activity to consider with the embalming techniques that are now in place. Even if the supposed corpse in question doesn't just go from the scene of the crime to the cemetery, it goes from the crime scene, to the morgue, to the funeral parlor, to the church, and finally to the grave. Finally, the rigors of the embalming process would kill you anyway since all of your natural fluids to a poisonous fluid that keeps your body from rotting. (JAMA)

Then of course there is the story of Anne Hill Carter Lee who was supposedly died once but was actually buried twice. The story goes along to say that during a cataleptic episode that she was proposed as dead. The fact was that she was still alive and the third day after Anne was declared dead, she awoke from her trance. The only thing that does not sit right with me is that no one knows weather this is fact or fiction. The publication of this story is all in speculation. However, very soon after this Anne would give birth to her son Robert E. Lee. Robert is one of four children who survived the illness of their mother but one of Anne's children did not live to see the second born. (Nefarious)

Those who were supposedly buried alive would not have been able to come back to consciousness due to the lack of air in the coffin. Even if they wanted to there would be no way that they could wake up from the slumber for the simple fact that now in the twenty-first century people are embalmed. Then of course there are the stories from the Journal of the American Medical Association and of the famed Anne Hill Carter Lee. In the end, it is just not possible.
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