My Friend's Mom Has Cancer

My Friend's Mom Has Cancer

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My Friend's Mom Has Cancer

It was a beautiful summer day down in Phoenix and the first day of my junior year of high school. All of my friends were waiting for me outside on the wall, which is right outside of BigB’s. The wall on the side of BigB has a mural of the world with every color of peoples skin on it. I was in love with that mural throughout high school because it meant something to all of those who went to Alhambra. There are not any trees out there since it is Phoenix and the gravel always made my shoes look dull every Tuesday when I had to wear my JROTC uniform. I always hated going in there but the soda was cheep and so was the water, which is always good on those hot summer days. Ashley, Michelle, and I get out of Michelle’s mom’s car. Michelle’s mom is like my second mom and has been that way as long as I can remember. Joyce would drive us to school and on Tuesday’s she would pick us up. The only thing going through my mind is who is going to be buying my smokes this year. Little did I know how much things were going to change for us. We walk over to our friends who thanks to me we all knew. Ashley leaves for class and Michelle and I decide who is paying for this pack. Neither one of us would buy one for ourselves. The year gets going I can already tell it is going to be a very long year I just got my first job and had no time for my friends.

Now it was the middle of January and Michelle comes up to me while we are sitting on the wall and she looks very unhappy. Joyce had not driven us to school that today because of a doctor’s appointment but I had not thought anything of it. I could tell she was unhappy although she had not said a word. Since it was a Tuesday and I was in uniform. I really was not supposed to be smoking but I was any way. I offered Michelle a smoke because I thought it would calm her down but she did not take it. That was when I knew that there was something definitely wrong with her.

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However, before I could talk to her about it the bell for class rang and we headed off to class. I thought no big deal I would wait until lunch to talk to her because we would meet in the restroom where I would change from my uniform to my civvies. Then I would find out what was wrong. However, at lunch Michelle did not meet me in the restroom so quickly I changed and went looking for her. When I found her, she was even more upset there were tears running down her face and her sad blue eyes, which were all behind her red hair.

Michelle was talking to her mom on a cell. They were both very upset I could tell just by looking at her, I could just imagine what Joyce (Michelle’s mom) looked like. I could see moms face her short blonde hair and her blue eyes looking so sad as she sat at her desk. Then I remembered the doctor’s appointment that Joyce had to go to that morning. Michelle had not told me what kind of appointment it had been, so I had no idea what it was for but I suspected that it was the cause of why she looked so sad. Michelle said goodbye to her mom and saw me standing behind her, her checks were tear stained and her chin was quivering. I started to ask her what was the matter but I could tell she did not want to talk about it. I wrapped my arms around her and she just cried there was nothing to hold it back anymore. Myself not knowing what was wrong my role was just to support Michelle in this bad time.

I bought Michelle some chocolate and a coke before it was time to go to class. We had three more classes for the day, which was a good thing. Michelle had a little bit of time to get herself together during the last few classes of the day. We made it through the last three classes and it was time to take the walk home. I went looking for Ashley and Michelle since we walk home together every day. I found Michelle and Ashley and were on our way home and I lit a cigarette. That was when Michelle broke down and told us what had happened. I felt bad that afternoon because right before she told my sister and I what had happened I had lit a cigarette. Michelle asked me to put out my smoke and she thought that we should quit smoking all together. I asked her why and she told my sister and I that mom had cancer that is eating away at her body. They did not know how far it had spread yet. The next week we found out how far it had spread.

The cancer had spread from her liver to her spinal column. A month later, she went in for her first surgery. The first surgery they put a metal rod in her neck and cut the cancer from around it. Michelle and I quit smoking that day and she has not done it since. Unfortunately, when I came up here, I started up again due to the stress from being away from my family. In December, I found out that the cancer was found in other spots in my friends mom. I have decided that I do not wish to end up like my father who died from cancer. I also do not want to worry about going through chemo and losing my hair and all of my weight through this process. I have seen what can happen with cancer and how the body is ravished through the only way, we have found to stop the cancer. Mom is not supposed to make until Christmas next year, which will be Michelle and Ashley’s first year at NAU and the first time they will be away from home. I do not know if this will inspire any one else but it inspired me and still does. Joyce has gone through so much and is still with us. I hope she will make it until Michelle and matt’s (her son) graduations not only from high school but from college as well. Now I know why there are so many advertisements that tell you about the dangers of smoking.
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