Movies Serendipity and An Affair to Remember

Movies Serendipity and An Affair to Remember

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Movies Serendipity and An Affair to Remember

Can once in a lifetime happen twice? Can two people get a second chance at love? While reality more than likely suggests no, some movies would suggest otherwise. The films An Affair to Remember and Serendipity are only two examples of how society depicts romance as an exaggerated fabrication of reality only to have a negative effect on its viewers. Both films share the storyline of two lovers who separate, only hoping that fate will bring them back together As the film Serendipity begins, Sara Thomas and Jonathon Trager meet each other for the first time at Bloomingdale’s. Conversation sparked between the two when both reached for the same pair of gloves. Enjoying themselves at Bloomingdales, Sara and Jonathon decide to further their discussion at a nearby restaurant called Serendipity. Here, Jonathon realizes that he wants to see Sara again and politely asks for her phone number. Instead of just handing her number over, Sara writes in down on the inside cover of book, which she then tells him that she will sell the next day at a used bookstore. She continues to explain to Jonathon that if they are truly meant to see each other again, the book will find him. Jonathon then opens his wallet to take out a dollar bill. He writes his phone number on it and gives it to Sara, who spends it immediately. Using the same logic as before, she tells him that the dollar bill will find it’s way to her. As the years pass, the two both go on living their lives. But, Sara and Jonathon can’t seem to shake the feeling of each other. Every time Sara has a dollar bill, she always looks for a phone number and Jonathon can’t count all the used bookstores he’s been to. They both eventually meet someone new and become engaged. They wonder if these people they plan on marrying are their true soul mates. The night of Jonathon’s wedding rehearsal, he fiancé gives him a present. Opening it slowly, he comes to realize it’s the title of the book Sara had once written her phone number in. He opens the front cover and he reads Sara’s name and number. Meanwhile, Sara is on an airplane returning home from visiting a friend. Pulling out her wallet, she discovers that she doesn’t have her wallet, but she has mistakenly taken her friend’s.

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She opens it and finds the usual credit and business cards. She also finds a dollar bill with the name Jonathon on it. Both use the information to track each other down in the nick of time. Sara and Jonathon meet for the second time, realizing that they are truly meant to be together.

Sharing a similar story, An Affair to Remember begins on a luxury cruise liner. Going from Europe to New York, Terry McKay is on her way to meet her fiancé. Traveling alone, she to runs into a man named Nicky Ferrante, who was once known as the world’s most eligible bachelor. At this time, both are previously engaged to other people, but continue to enjoy each other’s company while on board the ship. Making a stop in Italy, the couple decides to roam about the city together. Having a grandmother living in Italy, Nicky decides to stop and visit, taking Terry along too. Upon meeting Terry, Nicky’s lovely grandmother decides that she is the one that Nicky will marry. Hearing this, Terry and Nicky can only smile at each other while they think of how in love they both are already. As the visit soon ends, Terry and Nicky’s grandmother realize the bond they share, even only after this one short meeting. It is a tearful good bye for everyone. After boarding the ship again, the couple discusses their feelings for each other. They know they are both engaged to other people, but can’t help the way that they feel when they are together. Nicky and Terry decide that they will leave each other once the boat arrives in New York. They also decide that if their engagements don’t work out, that they will meet each other at the top of the Empire State building in six months. As the months go by, Terry and Nicky’s engagement don’t work out. Both can’t think of anyone else but each other, until the six month day came. Nicky is awaiting Terry at the top of the Empire State building as planned. Terry is on her way when suddenly, she is struck by a car. She is quickly taken to the hospital while Nicky waits for hours before deciding to leave. Months pass and Terry is still bedridden. Nicky thinks that she has given up in him and begins to paint in order to deal with his depression. He paints a beautiful picture of Terry and gives it up for sale. Once the painting is sold, Nicky inquires about the person who bought it. His manager tells him that an attractive young woman in a wheelchair bought it. Nicky can’t help but think of Terry. He decides that he must see her and finds her address. When he arrives at her apartment, she is lying on the couch. They begin awkward conversation when he realizes that she hasn’t moved since he’s been there. He rushes to the bedroom and flings open the door only to find his painting. He realizes what must have happen to her and why she didn’t meet him that day. As the film ends, they both realize just how much they still love each other.
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