Does Original Voice Exist?

Does Original Voice Exist?

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Does Original Voice Exist?

From Ernest Hemingway's _The Sun Also Rises_: "Mike was a bad drunk. Brett was a good drunk. Bill was a good drunk. Cohn was never drunk. Mike was unpleasant after he past a certain point. I liked to see him hurt Cohn. I wished he would not do it, though, because afterward it made me feel disgusted at myself. That was morality; things that made you disgusted afterward. No, that must be immorality. That was a large statement."

Does this sound like a man mumbling? Or is this a complete thought? Hemingway's voice is simple. His voice also allows interpretation from the reader. Does that mean it is also open and vague? Maybe, but you get to make the decisions. Hemingway allows it.

The character sounds simple. He thinks on simple terms. He also calls the series of simple comments a " large statement". If the reader delves into the literature, it is a large statement. If the reader takes it for face value, it's a simple statement. The character speaking makes a revelation to himself. That is why I think it is a "large statement". He finds something out about himself. He is honest with himself.

Dialogue and exact spelling of pronunciations can show ya what the writer's all about. It's not clear all the time, but it'll be more personal than a bunch of scientific hogwash. Not that that writing doesn't serve a purpose.... Anyway if your gonna be personal, your readers better be able ta understand your tongue, otherwise the communication stops flowing for'em and they hafta look at your words more than your ideas.

Does this flow for ya?

"Well, I warn't long making him understand I warn't dead. I was ever so glad to see Jim. I warn't so lonesome now. I told him I warn't afraid of him telling the people where I was. I talked along, but he only set there and looked at me; never said nothing. Then I says:

'It's good daylight. Le's get breakfast. Make up your campfire good.' 'What's de use er makin' up de camp fire to cook strawbries en such truck? But you got a gun, hain't you? Den we kin get sumfin better den strawbries.' (Mark Twain from _Adventures of Huckleberry Finn_)

It may or may not flow, but ya get a good feel for the characters. You can make assumptions and fit them inta stereotypes so they're recognizable.

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We all do it when we read whether we like or not. It's impossible to remember something without somehow classifying it ta a certain degree. I could sit here and tell you about my parents friend that runs eight miles a day, has a successful business, and has spent a few holidays and special occasions with us. Right now your thinkin' that he's pretty decent guy that works hard and takes care of himself. You've probably got a picture in your head right now. [Stop and think about it.]..............................Good, now we can go on. I'll tell ya the rest about him. He's a two pack-a-day smokin', beer guzzlin', asshole that's been in and out of a couple of marriages scattering five kids in three states not giving a damn about them or anyone else for that matter - besides himself. He inherited his business from his old man and has the only hardware store in town. Now what do ya think? Sounds like two different people, huh? They're the same. I'll betcha had a picture and category for both of them.

As long as we're on a personal level here, why don't I say something about Mr. William Faulkner and his novel _As I Lay Dying_. Looking directly through the mind of a different character in each chapter let me get in touch with each of the characters and kept me away from the author. You and I can write dialogue until our fingers are dented and numb, but how about the relaying the fragmented thoughts of a child who doesn't see the world like the "average" John Doe? A kid trying to reason the death of his mother without knowing what death is. Trying to understand why his corrupt family is swimming in the river looking for her in her casket:

*Cash is my brother. But Jewel's mother is a horse. My mother is a fish. Darl says when we come to the water again I might see her and Dewey Dell said, She's in the box; how could she have got out? She got out through the holes I bored, into the water I said, and when we come to the water again I am going to see her. My mother is not in the box. My mother does not smell like that. My mother is a fish*

Can we be successful at creating our own voice if doesn't break away from the pack and come out with something so totally radical that nobody has ever heard it before? Or is originality a combination of other voices and ideas that hasn't been put into a formula yet? An almost sub conscience discovery.

Voice and Poetry?

"And, as in uffish thought he stood,/The Jabberwock, with eyes of flame,/Came whiffling through the tulgey wood,/And burbled as it came!"

Lewis Carrol must have been reborencarnated into the lesser form of Dr. Suess after his death. Not just making up words, but giving them meaning through their sounds and combinations of fractured words. With his Alice in Wonderland mind, he would have been a gihugic success in modern day cinema. Just imagine the word "burbled". Bubbled, bubbled, rumbled, stumbled, rambled, bumbled, mumbled, burned, bled..... So many options; so many ideas thrown into a word with an abstract sense. No single word could describe the feeling of "burble". If the word Carol chose would have been "droubled," the line and the poem would have had a different feeling even though neither word exists.

Poetry evokes voices and feelings of the imagination. It hypnotizes the reader and gives them an understanding of a subject that could be expressed in one word or thousands of words. If one wanted to say that people in this world have no direction, it could be comprised in a novel or short story by Raymond Carver or Ann Beattie. Or they could come out and say that we are lost in this world and have no direction because of X, Y, and Z. The voice of the poet muddles in the area of this idea, not giving the reader any definite conclusions, just offering up him or herself to suggestion.

Deep Exploring

No more than a pin dropped upon the floor
I find my way walking in a sullen state
Watching for madmen,
Cursing their being
Not seeing the emptiness in their eyes.
Forward I pursue
The actual constant,
The constant of being,
Of being immortal while sprawled on the floor:
Dreams and Illusions, cluttered confusions
While emptying thoughts unforgotten no more.
Screaming aloud (proud) but empty inside,
They lie by my side and beckon aloud
Until nothing of reality can ever abide.

So I lied.

Lied to myself to get a rest from this dreamless state of mind.
Corruption and Chaos laid by my side,
Not leaving or seeing the pitiful being
Just watching until I died.

Heaven, they sent,
I could not repent
Until the odor of Death was aroused.
Demons, they sang,
They chimed out in vain
That deathly dead lullaby.

I thought, still confused on what I should do,
So to my soul I let them untie.
My heart remained clean
And that I let fall to the angels of All,
The glorious gentle tribe.
They took it above to the Chosen One
Letting me rot and confide.

My feeling all gone,
Nowhere to move on,
Between Heaven and Hell I reside.

Now this may be a bad attempt a relaying this idea of "lostness," but it shows something of a poetic voice that can be seen in many writers who don't have original quality. Look at some of the words and phrases; "unforgotten no more," "dreams and illusions," and the melancholy of the poem. It's like a bad attempt at Edgar Allen Poe. There's rhyming and rhythm; two components that are attributed to poetry, but not necessary. Does that make it not original? Modern poetry sometimes tries to do away with that. Therefore, that wouldn't be original either. There are few concrete images. A must in poetry if you ask a teacher who is set in their ways. Does that make it bad or is the voice saying something?
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