The Styles In And Around Me

The Styles In And Around Me

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The Styles In and Around Me

My senior year in high school I was playing first man for the varsity golf. That honor was bestowed on me, because I was supposedly the best man on the team. Which just happened to be true. It was an honor that I truly enjoyed. But playing first man also had its drawbacks. The one that I will speak of here is the style of speaking that I had to use while playing in a tournament. It's the sixteenth hole of an eighteen hole tournament up in Roseau. There were two guys in my group that were ahead of me in score and I needed to get a stroke back really soon if I planned on earning a medal. I hit a good drive, right down the middle about two hundred seventy yards. With a hundred and fifty yards left to the pin, I grabbed an eight iron, because I knew that I could get it there. Something went wrong and the shot drifted to the right and missed the green. On any leisure round in the summer I would have screamed out obscenities until I was blue in the face. But that would cost me penalty strokes, since it against the rule to swear in high school golf. Instead I softly let out an "Oh no, come back", but inside I was chomping at the bit to let out a cuss word. Golf talk, to me, is the lesser extreme of that style that I have inside of me.

When I am playing hockey, a totally different style emotes from me. The style that I display in hockey is the exact opposite from the on that I use when playing golf. The on ice chatter that goes on between competitors is the reason for this. Hockey is not a gentlemen's game. So using a language that is meant to intimidate your opponent is very crucial. When I am skating down the ice next to some big lug I usually say some derogatory statement about his mother. Statements like these are meant rile the opponent, get him off his game. In the game of golf, I would never even think of using this type of tactic to beat an opponent. The different style of game also lends to a different style of language. In golf, if I leave a putt short, or something like that it usually gets a "darn" or "shoot.

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" But in hockey if I am about to get smashed into the boards by some ogre of a defenseman I let out an "OH, ( insert a four letter obscenity)". But why use these a different style for each game? Why not have a style that can be used for both? A different style is used because if I tried to use one style for the other sport it doesn't fit. If I used golf terminology and style when playing hockey I would be thought of as a wimp. And if I used hockey style in golf I would get penalized and probably disqualified from every tournament I entered. But the terminology doesn't dictate why a certain style is used for a certain sport. Rather we must ask ourselves if the language we use is appropriate for that sport, and that gives us that style. If the language is "appropriate" then we use it and pass it on down the line. I dare say that the language I use in hockey is appropriate, but it is what I have learned from playing the game for many years. The style that go with golf and hockey are at the opposite ends of extremes for me. Most of my live is spent in the middle of the two, or more than likely towards the hockey end of things. But that is what makes me, me. I wouldn't change that for the world. The way I look at it, if you don't like my style, get away from me. That's not to say that I won't change, I will, but only for my elders and for women.

The most notable styles that are around me are my roommates, Chris and Thad. These two guys tend to change their styles, especially when their parts come to visit. The change is quite drastic to. When I am in the presence of my elders, my style changes, but I don't stray from who I am. When their parents come it is like they turn into totally different people. Thad in particular is not easily intimidated, but when his parents are here he walks around with his tail between his legs. He's so deathly afraid that his parents won't approve or accept something for the way we have it here. The language that he uses is not all that much different, but he uses it in a manner that hides his true self. It's almost like everything is in a panic. Not to get off the point, but it is not all is fault for this change. Parents' expectations are a heavy burden for most people. Thad does all of this to meet their expectation, and I don't think that is right. When my mother comes to visit, or talks to me on the phone we are who we are. I am very fortunate that I don't have to change for either of my parents. They accept me for who I am, not for who they think I should be. Who I am is who they expect me to be. Chris and Thad don't understand that. They think that they have to be what their parents expect them to be. And apparently their parents want them to be little angels. It's not like they don't know they drink, but they treat it like they never do it to get drunk. And another way that they both change their style is that they both smoke like chimneys. Neither of their parents know, to our knowledge that they smoke. So every time that we expect a visit from them we have to stop smoking in the house two days before they arrive. Not to make myself look like a god or anything, but my parents have never been that way. When I was fourteen, my mother knew that I drank and used tobacco. She told me that she couldn't be a hippocrate and tell me that I couldn't to this stuff. She knew that I would start experimenting with tobacco and alcohol sooner or later. And her final words to me about the subject were that if I was going to continue drinking I do it responsible. She said to call her if I was drunk someplace and needed a ride home. From what I know of my roommates parents, they would raise hell on them if they knew stuff like that. So in a way I can see why Chris and Thad's styles have to change to meet their parents. I just don't think that its is right for their parents to run their kids that way. But I see it this way because I have such a good relationship with my parents. These example may not be exactly what we have been discussing in class as far as style goes, but they are both a part of a persons style. Style is style no matter what form it comes in. This is just the route that I chose to express style.

This little tidbit about style may seem like a bash on my roommates or their parents, but I love my roommates and their parents. As far as the roommates go, we haven't known each other for that long, about three years, but we all are very close. Their isn't nothing that I would do for them. And that to is a part of my style. If your a friend at all, your a friend for life. This paper contains my style, and if you don't like, tough. Don't read it. Just kiddin'. I hope you enjoyed my way out excerpt of style.
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