How Do You Define Advice

How Do You Define Advice

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How Do You Define "Advice"

Advice, in my mind, is a form of one person helping another person out; whether it is in words or actions. About 90% of the time, I believe advice comes in the form of words. Advice can be verbally spoken to somebody, or typed/written and given to somebody. In either example, it's advice that's being given to help somebody out. The other way I mentioned was advice given by actions. In my own life, I'm trying to quit smoking cigarettes and finding it hard; especially when I look around and see others doing it. However, the advice I receive when I look around are from those not smoking and those hacking and spitting because they smoke. It's sort of subliminal for me in the sense that I'll be hacking and spitting if I don't quit. So they're giving advice to me in the form of their actions.

In mentioning what advice is and how it's given, I ask myself how it works. This happens to be a rough question seeing how advice isn't this little piece of gum on the bottom of my shoe that I can just pick off and toss away. So know I find help in the example of John Sweat and his mechanic friend to help explain how advice works. John was stuck in a pickle jar and wasn't sure what to do. But his friend knew where he was in the jar (because he had been there himself), and decided to offer some advice. John was able to get unstuck because he listened to his friend and took his advice, believing that his friend knew what he was speaking about, and sensing his sincerity. By looking at this example, I have come to the conclusion that advice works when one person takes a conscious (or in my smoking example - an unconscious) effort, to give somebody an honest, experienced point-of-view about a situation in order to give that person help. From there, the advice will only work if the person receiving the advice takes it to heart and uses it.

OK, so if this is how it works, what are some ways that it doesn't work? Well, it doesn't work when the advice giver is trying to use his advice given for his own personal gain. I believe the dark forces are at work here and therefore, they cannot succeed! Another way advice given doesn't work is when the person receiving the advice doesn't take it, like in my example of getting advice from my Dad.

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He gave me advice so I wouldn't get drunk on my 21st birthday, and because I didn't take his advice, I got pretty distorted. Advice is given to help me, but at the same time, it can be there to destroy me. OK, maybe not total destruction/death, but it could hurt a bit.

Some words that are related to advice are - caution, forewarn, discuss, consult, counsel, recommend, and suggest. Sometimes, I must caution and forewarn people of things to do and not to do in life. To do this properly, I must consult them and discuss with them the outcomes of their decisions if they don't heed the warnings. I am sort of like a counselor when I am recommending and suggesting different forms of advice.

Is there a connection between good advice and good writing? I believe that good writing can make for good advice and that good advice can make for good writing. Good writing can build ideas and concerns in the reader's mind that can help them make good advice for themselves. It can also help create ideas and concerns in the reader’s mind to give someone else. Mr. Morgan has proven that good advice can make for good writing. He gives advice and that helps to open my eyes to my mind's possibilities of where and how to take my paper to the next level. If I were to call that "bogus", that would be to call Morgan's job "bogus", and what he's doing for me is far from "bogus".
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