A Liberal Education Makes an Educated Man or Woman

A Liberal Education Makes an Educated Man or Woman

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A Liberal Education Makes an Educated Man or Woman

The idea of a liberal education is what universities are moving towards. A liberally educated person is someone whom is educated in many different areas other than their major area of study. Colleges encompass a liberal education in their curriculum by including a liberal studies program. A liberal studies program requires certain courses, and various electives outside a student’s major. The reason for these required classes is to broaden the minds of the students, so they can tolerate different views and understand the behaviors of different people they may encounter in their lives.

The first year of college for me, has been productive in starting to become liberally educated. I have taken four classes outside of my major, which is hotel and restaurant management. The outside classes I have taken are math, biology, and two English courses. I feel that taking these classes is going to help me in my career and in life. For example I want to be a chef, chefs have to know how to use math properly. If a chef does not have proper math skills and he needs to increase, or reduce a recipe the food will not turn out as it should be. This in turn would limit his ability to perform his job properly. This example is just one a many reasons why being liberally educated is a necessity in today’s world.

The extra classes that I have taken thus far are certainly not enough for me to be liberally educated. I need to learn as much as I possibly can while I am at college, to consider myself a liberally educated person. The next step for me to become liberally educated is next semester, I am going to take public speaking. Public speaking will help me in everything I ever do, because people skills are the most important skill to have. A couple semesters down the road I know that I will be taking a Shakespeare course because being able to understand Shakespeare will greatly improve my ability to read and understand literature. Another step I am going to take in becoming liberally educated will be taking psychology courses. Understanding human nature and the human brain are very important in communicating properly with people who have different views and beliefs than I do.

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I think that the ability to articulate and communicate properly are the most important skills to have in being liberally educated.

Aside from becoming liberally educated in the classroom there is one thing almost all people can do to liberally educate themselves, read as much literature as possible. I think that reading is one of the most important steps in becoming liberally educated. Reading is the most important step because a well read person has expanded their mind on their own. They want to gain a deeper insight on a topic and as a result have the ability to communicate to others on subjects outside of their profession. Being well read is the mark of an educated person.

A liberal education is a very important part of college. It is what makes an educated man. Classes in a major help people with their careers, but liberal studies are what make people educated. To become liberally educated you have to take initiative and want to be liberally educated. This includes taking required electives that actually have meaning, not just classes that are easy and fun to take. Aside from school, reading literature on your own is a very productive way to jump start your liberal education, because reading expands the mind. I would not consider myself liberally educated, but I know I will try and that is all one might ask for them self.
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