Glamorous Lives Changed By Children

Glamorous Lives Changed By Children

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Glamorous Lives Changed By Children

In the movies “Raising Helen” and “Uptown Girls”, two women find their glamorous lifestyles turned inside out and themselves’ in the constant and close company of children who they do not seem at all fit to take care of. Although these women have similar experiences with children and are shaped and changed in similar ways by these experiences, their circumstances are quite different. The two women learn a world completely different from their own through being care takers to children. They each have new responsibilities that come out of this experience and, as a result, are shaped into entirely new people with new values and memories of life. Both women gain experience in responsibility to someone they truly care about. Although their glamorous lifestyles are changed drastically by these responsibilities, both women realize the true happiness and satisfaction they get from doing something and being there for someone other than themselves. As a result, they learn to value selflessness and memories that could never be out done by a life of glamour and money.

In “Raising Helen”, Helen Harris in her glamorous, big-city life one day finds herself acquiring custody of her two nieces and one nephew. Her life is turned inside out and she is completely beside herself when trying to figure out what to do. Helen and the kids face many trials and tribulations but soon make a life together that, although is lived one day at a time, works. Helen is shaped into a whole new person and learns now more than ever what it means to be a family.

In “Uptown Girls”, Molly a rock n’ roll princess has her glamorous and rich life swept out from under her feet when she finds out that her accountant has blown all of her daddy’s money. She ends up in a job as a Nanny for nine year old Ray who has a mother too busy with her own life to even notice her daughter. Molly and Ray hate each other at first but soon become the best of friends and learn how to accept each other’s quirks. Molly is also shaped into a whole other person and learns what it means to have a true best friend.

Both women experience a drastic change in their lives. They are hit with new responsibility, a kind of responsibility that, if neglected, would affect another human-being, not just themselves.

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They are both put in charge of fragile children who needed them deeply. In “Raising Helen”, Helen finds herself obtaining custody of her two nieces and nephew, who are distraught after their parents (Helen’s sister and brother-in-law) are tragically killed in a car accident. Helen then has responsibility beyond her job as an assistant to the owner of a large modeling agency. Her decisions would now affect three very scared children. After making some bad decisions and after her other sister takes the children away, she finally realizes just how important her role in the children’s lives is and how much they need the women that their very own mother entrusted with their well-being and futures. In “Uptown Girls”, after Molly’s glamorous and rich life, of no responsibilities, is taken away from her, she ends up in as a nanny to a little girl, Ray. Ray is also very scared because her father is dying and her mother hardly even notices she is there. Ray desperately needs someone in her life who she can count on. Therefore, Molly’s responsibilities are changed drastically, as well, and she realizes how important her role in Ray’s life is. She realizes this after Ray pushes Molly out of her life because of a promise Molly had made to Ray that her father would live.

Both women also find true happiness in their new roles. Although they began each of their journeys with doubts in their minds and misery in their hearts, they eventually ended up continuing their journeys with a sense of the true meaning of their lives. Helen felt as though she could never handle the children and was beside herself with trying to figure out what to do and how to get along. But after the children were taken away she realized what she must do and who she must become in order to fulfill the duties her sister left her with and to fulfill her true purpose in life. She also realized at that time that she had never been happier than with her sister’s kids and how much she needed them. Likewise, Molly never got along with Ray in the beginning of their relationship and Molly hated her new job as a nanny to a child she could not possibly seem to understand. Eventually though, with time and effort Molly and Ray began to understand each other and became the best of friends. Although Molly began her job hating it she gained a wonderful friendship with a child and found happiness where she had never expected it and in a child that she thought could only make each day more miserable than the last.

Both women lead two different lives but are shaped in almost the same way by two very similar experiences. They are both hit with an unexpected responsibility to children and are taken away from their carefree lives. They think that this will be the end of having a life they enjoy, but end up having a life they value so much more. This experience is extraordinary and life changing in a way they never thought possible. They obtain values and experiences that bring them wonderful memories and a changed sense of what is really important in life (being there for and supporting people other than themselves). It is amazing to see such different plots come together in one common theme that shows two people gaining a new sense of importance through selflessness and wonderful memories that could never be forgotten or replaced.
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