Analyzing the Priceless MasterCard Advertisements

Analyzing the Priceless MasterCard Advertisements

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Analyzing the Priceless MasterCard Advertisements

They tell how much it will cost you to buy one thing and then another, overwhelming you with the cost of life. They then reveal to you the priceless moment that comes from all of this cost. Can you guess which advertisements I am talking about? That’s right, MasterCard commercials; The commercials titled: “Spending Quality Time with Your Family”, “Leaving Your Cash At Home”, “One Stadium Down, 29 To Go” from MasterCard’s “priceless” ad campaign, just reel you in with that priceless moment. Well you would never guess just how many tactics they use in one commercial just to suck you in. They use many little clever details in order to appeal to people and convince them that they want to use their company and not someone else’s. These MasterCard advertisements are targeted towards an American audience whether the audience be families or the youth of America. American values and interests, along with a variety of visuals, text, and subject matters are incorporated in order to do this. The ads also appeal to these audiences through emotion and logic. By using all of these different tools, MasterCard is able to create a commercial to convince a mass of people to use their company without thinking any further than the commercial that just flashed before their eyes.

The ads are centered on today’s American society. These specific MasterCard ads target Americans through values and interests that make up their culture. One example being the use of The Simpsons show for one of these ads. Most Americans are very familiar with the Simpson family and therefore can relate to the advertisement. Also, the idea of having extra time to spend with your family is incorporated into the advertisement. This is very effective in capturing the audience because family is widely valued within American society. Another effective reference that is used is towards baseball. Baseball is huge in the United States and everyone either watches it or knows someone who does. By using these references MasterCard is able to create commercials that the creators’ audience can relate to.

The authors of these commercials are a group of people hired by MasterCard to think the catchiest and most creative commercial. Their purpose is to create advertisements that are targeted towards and specific audience and then to capture that audience.

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Each ad targets a broad audience of Americans but each individual commercial targets a smaller more specific group such as families, youth, or baseball fans as said above.

These commercials appeal to their different audiences using a couple of different methods. The ad, titled “Spending More Quality Time with Your Family”, already appeals to a specific audience just through the title. This commercial uses Homer Simpson as its subject. By doing this the commercial is using the Simpsons family to appeal to American families, most of who are familiar with the Simpsons show. At the end of the commercial, after mentioning the cost of a list of things, there is the mention of the priceless gift of spending more quality time with your family. The next commercial, titled “Leaving Your Cash At Home”, appeals to a young, single and dating audience. Their subject matter is a couple out on a date where the guy is able to pay for everything with his debit MasterCard, therefore does not have to carry cash around in his pocket. This commercial appeals to its audiences by telling them that they will have the safety and security of being able to pay for everything without having a wad of cash in their pocket if they use a debit MasterCard on their next date. In the last commercial the appeal to a young audience of baseball fans, is done through the use of a couple of young guys on a road trip to all of the major baseball fields in the U.S., as their subject matter.
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