Gay Adoption Should be Allowed

Gay Adoption Should be Allowed

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In this society people say that everyone is equal, but I wonder if we are equal? People of today fear change and believe that any change that was wrong in the past is wrong still today. I'm here to say that it is time for change. Homosexuals of the United Sates are regular people just like heterosexuals. The question that I have for society is that if all of the people in our nation are looked at as equal, then why are homosexuals treated differently? I have always believed that everyone should be treated equally, and I?m here to stand up for homosexuals. In this paper I will argue how homosexuals are standing up for their selves. They want to be able to have regular families just like anyone else. I will show how they deserve a chance to have a family just like everyone else, and how society should learn to open their eyes and accept new changes that occur in society. They should come to realize that not everything that we fear happens to be wrong. People should be recognized and respected for who they are and not what they are.

For years homosexuals have kept quiet. Some called it ?staying in the closet.? Now, they are coming out of the closet and fighting for the rights that they should be given. The rights to adopt and have a family just like any other couple in society. The American Civil Liberties Union are filing lawsuits against states that still have laws preventing gay adoption and foster care. They are letting people know that they will not go away and that it is time that people accept them for who they are: ?homosexuals? and to give them the same respect that you would expect. By them filling lawsuit and stating their cases they will continue to fight for their rights. A result of this would be The American Bar Association is supporting that adoption is not denied on the bias of the adopting parents. This goes to show one voice can go along way.

Homosexuals should be commended on their determination. There are fighting for rights that they are denied only because of their sexuality. Is that how this society works?

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What ever happened to respecting people whether you agree with their life style or not? This nation is so biased that it?s said that they refuse to open up to change. I feel that it takes guts to go on the line having to explain your lifestyle to people just so you can have the opportunity to have a family. Anyone that fights for their rights should be at least heard and respected if not anything else. People in this nation need to learn to treat people as you would want to be treated.

People in society today usually believe what important people believe. SO what do Presidents and celebrities have to say about Gay Adoption? In his speech, Bush says the nation must defend the "sanctity of marriage ... a union of a man and a woman." (qtd. I n Daily News 2001).With this said he made it very clear on how he feels about homosexuals. Rosie O?Donnell being a lesbian mother herself says that she supports the banner of gay parenthood. (qtd. in USA Today, pg.1). Now with two well-known people opinions out, what will more of the population listen to? The answer rests in the nation?s hands. Some, mostly Republicans believe whatever their leader believes, while others are saying that the topic with ?homosexuals? is out of date. This goes to show that in time people will learn to accept homosexuals and gay parenthood.

I feel that another reason why some are still against gay adoption is due to the best welfare of the child. Some believe that children that are raised by same-sex couples will be effect emotionally and or physically. Researchers and Psychologists today say that children in theses cases will do just as well as children with heterosexual parents. With this said there is no logical reason why homosexual couples can not adopt children.

In this paper I was showing how times are starting to change. People of society need to accept new changes. Some believe that it?s not healthy to have children to be raised in homosexual homes, but according to researchers and psychologists, that is not true. The bottom line is that a couple?s sexuality has no negative impact on a child?s welfare. It?s perfectly safe. Soon in time, hopefully they will be seen as normal. The people of this nation still believe some things should stay the same. When the real issue is that people need to just learn to move on with changes in life and just learn to adjust to them. Homosexuality is real (not a rumor), it's something that will come known, and in time accepted by people whether others like it or not. We need to stop judging people. Just like that saying goes, ?Don?t judge a book by its cover.? In time the world will learn to accept homosexuals and realize that their not threat to society.
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