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Advertising Kill Bill

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Advertising Kill Bill

Explosive entertainment any way you slice it! This is how the magazine ad for the movie Kill Bill starts off. In the advertisement they have different pictures from the movie of sword fighting and also characters in the film. Also the advertisement’s background is blood red. As soon as you look at it you can tell that this movie is an intense action film. The Kill Bill magazine advertisement accomplishes its purpose very well by its eight person sword fight picture, explosive entertainment, and catchy background.

The whole purpose of this ad is simply to get you to go out and buy the Kill Bill DVD. By looking at this ad and seeing six people with swords there is no doubt that this is going to be an action movie. Also there is blood red color all throughout the background and it says under the rating strong bloody violence. The author is trying to get this advertisement to reach out to all of the action fans out there. Also on the cover of the DVD you can see that is mentions Quentin Tarantino twice. They are also trying to reach out to all of the people that are fans of any Quentin Tarantino movies.

There are two main ethos in this advertisement that they try and get you to believe when you look at it. The two are “explosive excitement any way you slice it” and “own the thrill before the final kill.” Under the first statement there is a picture of a huge sword fight so that makes the statement very believable. As soon as you look at this ad you can tell that this is going to be a very thrilling movie from the blood red background and again the swords. This ad makes me want to go out and buy this movie because it looks both thrilling and also entertaining. By this advertisement making me want to buy this film I would give a lot of credibility to the author who put this whole thing together.

The main logo to this movie is if you are into entertaining action movies than this is definitely a movie for you. Once you look at the ad you can tell that it is an action movie from the sword fighting, to the characters faces, and the quotes on the advertisement.

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Everything seems to be valid on here because there is always something to back it up.

Lastly, this looks like it is a very serious movie it does not look like this movie is going to evoke any laughter. By looking at every ones face throughout the ad they all look either very angry or do not have any expressions at all. Also this ad wants you to get excited when you see it, if this is the kind of movie that you are interested in. So hopefully you will run out to the store and buy this. I believe that we should surrender to that emotion because the movie looks remarkable.

So by the emotion that this movie evokes, the abundance of action, and the explosive entertainment this advertisement does get its point across. I have seen this movie before and everything on this ad is true about the movie it was outstanding. The author that made this advertisement did a fantastic job making it he got every point across just on an 8 1/2 by 11 piece of paper.
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