Teaching - A Rewarding Profession

Teaching - A Rewarding Profession

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Teaching - A Rewarding Profession

Being the first to attend college in my family, it was hard to decide what field I wanted to go into. There were so many choices. In making such a large lifelong decision, I decided to follow my heart. I thought back to when I was in high school at Narrows. I had a wonderful experience there. I also had some great, inspiring teachers. One teacher sticks out clearly to me. It was my AP Biology class my senior year.

The teacher expected so much. He came into the room energetic. Full of life. Determined. And only being a student, I could tell this. He strived to teach to all the different learning styles in the classroom. No one was allowed to "slide" by. He used repetition and hands-on assignments as methods to relate the subject matter he taught. He had all the components that every great teacher should have; empathy, caring, drive, determination, motivation, creativeness, patience, reflection, originality, enthusiasm.... This superb individual is the reason I want to teach. I want to make a difference in children's lives like he made in mine. I want to encourage and push students beyond their expectations to meet mine. I am a firm believer that setting higher expectations as a teacher increases achievement in the classroom.

I believe teaching is one profession where several professions are combined. meaning, I will not only be a teacher but, also, a role model, counselor, parent, nurse, care provider, official, and several other 'professions' in one days' work. I believe each child regardless of race, culture, gender, etc has the potential to an everlasting, promising educational future. As a teacher, I will have to provide whatever means necessary to fulfill my duties as an effective teacher. I hope at the end of each school year the students will have rewarding endeavors as a result of my teaching.

In my classroom, I hope to take an authoritarian approach to classroom management. I believe an organized, well managed environment allows for productivity and knowledge intake. I represent several different philosophical approaches in maintaining and teaching my classroom. I would be a progressivist because it encourages others to cooperate and understand different opinions from fellow classmates.

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I would use essentialist approach in the curriculum and extensive testing. I think students should be taught subjects that would be useful to them in the real world. Testing should be administered to evaluate and measure each students understanding, potential, and short comes. Testing would allow for teachers to make adjustments in their planning by reflecting back on the students and subject matter. I believe that praise is rewarding for every student. This would perhaps motivate them to do more and continue good behavior.

I am currently a junior at Concord College pursuing a degree in Elementary Education. I believe an interest in learning starts at the earlier ages and this will be reflected later in life. I hope to make it an enjoyable and productive experience for every student. I would not be satisfied unless I know that I strived to teach every child to their maximum potential.

After graduating college, I hope to teach in the south eastern part of West Virginia of the south western part of Virginia. When time permits, I will pursue my masters degree. Afterward, I would like to become certified through the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS).

I am looking forward to tomorrow's future. I am looking forward to seeing the gleam in student's eyes when they finally grasp the material. To devote my time to such a rewarding profession would bring me great dignity and self worth. Although teacher's salaries are not significant, I think the salary in the heart would be the best lotto after an effective day of teaching.
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