Free College Essays - An Analysis of Solo by Jack Higgins

Free College Essays - An Analysis of Solo by Jack Higgins

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An Analysis of Solo

This book, in my opinion, is a very good example of a serial killer,

and his ironic demise.  The book begins with an example of serial killing,

where a powerful, influential man is killed by an assassin.  The book,

after the killing, follows the killer to an unusual place-a concert hall.

There it is found that the killer is internationally famous concert pianist

John Mikali.


    This man, Mikali, has been tormented by death and pain all of his life.

His family has been based through a stout naval history, as his father, and

relatives past have all been commanders and captains of great naval ships.

The one break in the chain was his Grandfather and him, John, who is a

concert pianist.  John is clever but physcotic, because his hobby, as

gruesome as it may seem, is killing.  It began one day when his nanny was

killed.  It seemed she was killed by a hit and run driver.  John, who loved

his nanny so much, decided to get revenge, and revenge he did.  He killed

the man who had been driving the car.


    The book starts out, as said, with a killing and then by revealing the

killer.  Then the book goes into a story of the life of the man Mikali.

His mother and father had been killed at sea, and the only people he had

left were his nanny and his aunt. The book gives an accurate description of

his life and times before his incredible hobby.


    After the book describes Mikali's background, which itself is filled

with death, the book goes into the current life of Mikali and how he got to

where he is.  Mikali discovered his great talent in music at a very early

age.  His grand-father, who is the only blood relative he has left, is

committed to his grand-son.  He gives his son the best schooling in the

form of music he loves the most: the Piano.


    The book after it has dealt with the past then goes into the present.

Using this method, it resembles a time line:





    After the recent past, in which Mikali has killed over 30 well known

and influential people all around the globe.  He uses his influential piano

connections to travel all around the globe.

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He then makes the fatal mistake

someone else did to him by doing it to someone else, with even more power

than him.  Mikali's most loved relative was killed by a hit and run

driver-and then one day Mikali kills the daughter of a retired SAS Soldier,

Asa Morgan.  Morgan is a trained and skilled killer himself.


    It is ironic in the fact that after Morgan's daughter is killed, he

goes on a rampage, like Mikali after his aunt is killed.  Mikali took out

his rage on the entire globe-and Morgan took UT out on Mikali and everyone

associated with him.  Morgan, after learning his daughter is dead, throws

all rules of the military system out the window and goes after Mikali.


    Although Morgan doesn't know who killed his daughter, he does know that

the initial murder at the beginning of the book is related to his own

daughter's murder.  Mikali has gained a world- wide reputation as a

brilliant pianist-and his alter ego as a fearless and skilled killer.


    Revenge plays its part in this book, after Mikali having taken his out

on the whole world, and Morgan wanting to get his daughter back.  Morgan,

after tracking down Mikali through skillful deduction, (he examines all the

murders and pieces together that Mikali was in the city giving some kind of

musical performance) kills Mikali in the only place that can be deemed fit

to kill Mikali in-A music hall.


    The book is very real in the aspect of serial killers.  It portrays an

excellent example of a person who kills in succession with an intricate

plan.  The killer, Mikali, kills all of his victims simply and with a plan.

Also, Mikali kills many people. That's a common trait with serial killers.

As with Charles Manson, Mikali killed his victims without remorse or pity.

He wiped them clear off the face of the earth without a second thought

because he thought it would have an affect on the earth. Mikali's plan was

that if someone did something bad to him, then they should be dead.  Mikali

killed a man who had been leading the group who financed a political

uprising in his native Greece. And he also killed a man because he thought

the man was bad to the human race.


    The real clue that undid Mikali was one of when he killed a man, he

made the mistake of killing him when he was in the same building as Mikali.

Mikali had been staying in a hotel with the same man, and he killed him-and

the police were baffled because no trace of the killer had been found.

Using this, Asa Morgan carefully deducted that Mikali was responsible for

his daughter's death.


    Mikali's killing is likened to Manson's in the fact that it was just

one piece in a huge master plan-Manson's for a new earth while Mikali's

just one piece in a huge puzzle of revenge.

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