West Virginia, My Home

West Virginia, My Home

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West Virginia, My Home

Where is home? Home is West Virginia, where spring flowers grow, summer nights are cool and calm, and fall leaves change colors as they blow across the ground. The three things I love most about West Virginia is the beautiful seasons, the recreational activities, and the fact that all my family live here. West Virginia is a recreational state, filled with beautiful seasons and strong family values.

The number one reason I love West Virginia is because all my family lives here. Moving away would mean missing out on those Sunday lunches at grandmas’, and the annual holiday gatherings. My family is a close knit family who enjoy spending time together even though we do argue. West Virginia as a whole prides itself on their strong family values. I as a West Virginia citizen, have adopted these family values and could never leave the people and state I love the most.

The number two reason I love West Virginia is the fun recreational activities it has to offer. In the spring I can go watch a baseball game, or take a relaxing walk through the beautifully flowered gardens. In the summer I may enjoy a soothing swim, or white water raft down the New River. Also in the fall I can walk through Grandview State Park and see the various colors of the leaves. After my walk I could stop by the theater and take in a production of Annie. These are just a few of the recreational activities that I enjoy every year in West Virginia.

The third reason I love West Virginia is because we are blessed with a variety of seasons. These beautiful seasons include; spring, summer, fall, and winter. In the spring I love to watch nature as life renews itself all around me. In the summer I love the warm weather as I take a dip in the calm lake. During the fall I love to watch the leaves change colors as I walk through the woods.

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Skiing down the Appalachian Mountains while snow falls, make me appreciate the winter months. West Virginia is fortunate to have four seasons, because some states only have one season.

West Virginia is a beautiful state in which I love to live. Family fun, recreational activities, and beautiful seasons, is what makes this state great. Why live any where else when West Virginia has so much to offer?
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