Concord University Department of Education

Concord University Department of Education

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Concord University Department of Education

Philosophy Statement

Forest Witcraft once said, "One hundred years from now, it will not matter what my bank account was, the size of my house, or what kind of car I drove. But the world may be a little better, because I was important in the life of a child." Teachers are not just educators; they are parents, social workers, nurses, and even friends. I believe that a good teacher can play all of those roles and more at the same time, without wavering. Children are not only our future, but they are our present. Without children, there is no hope, no love, or no potential. If our children cannot look to us, educators, as role models, who will they look too? I feel that the only way to become a good role model is to be an effective teacher. By using an open mind and an open heart, I plan to touch the life of a child in a positive, educational manner. For if one life can be forever changed, so will mine.

The definition of education is “the action or process of educating or of being educated, knowledge and development resulting from an educational process” (Webster Online Dictionary, 2004). We are not just talking about teaching, we are talking about effective teaching; Bringing a child from dark to light when it comes to learning. But how do we teach effectively? I believe motivation is the best key. If you cannot motivate your student’s to their best, then you’re not being an effective teacher. For this motive, teachers should make the learning process fun. If learning is fun and entertaining, students learn and don’t even realize it. Also, to be an effective teacher we must have high standards and high expectations. High standards and expectations make the students expand their minds and they are forced to excel in their work. But can you force students to excel? Yes, with the proper incentive. This then brings us back to motivation.

As teacher, we should not strive to be good, but strive to be the best. For if we as instructors reach for the best, so will our students. Our attitudes are greatly reflected onto our children. I remember so many times having teachers who were just at school for the pay check and how it greatly showed in their work. I also remember teachers who were genuinely excited about teaching.

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I learned so much more in their classrooms than I did the others.

Classroom management is another key factor in becoming an effective teacher. I am going to take a non-authoritarian view of discipline. When students feel inferior, they act out more than when they feel equal. For example, children misbehave more with their parents than they do when they are with their friends. I am not saying that we are all going to be best friends and expect there to be a complete utopia in the classroom, but I feel that when the students make the rules and the punishments for breaking the rules, they feel more involved in the education process. The best advice I received about rule making came from my first observation teacher. He told me to “make few rules, but stick by your guns on them.” That way, my students would know the seriousness of those rules. I plan to establish classroom management more along the lines of behaviorism, such as a rewards system. Students react better to rewards in terms of consistency rather than punishments. In other words, children respond better when competing for positive attention, rather than negative attention.

When I become a teacher I plan to include several different philosophies in the education process that will assist students in learning to the best of their ability. First of all, I like essentialism because I think that children learn through reasoning. In teaching children essential skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, I feel that using essentialist ideas would be the most practical. Secondly, I believe in perrenialism because I feel that using methods such as problem solving, critical thinking, lecture, and discussion should be used in the everyday classroom. Lastly, I believe in existentialism because.

My plan is to graduate from Concord University with a double major in elementary and special education. Above all, my passion is special education. Just watching their face glow when the light bulb goes from “off” to “on” is an event in itself. The way I feel when I see it click in their heads is like, “hey, they get it and they get it because of me” is like an awakening to the soul; it is the best feeling in the world. All aspects of special education are amazing to me; LD, BD, or MI, I can’t wait to have a classroom of my own.

As rookie teachers, I know some of our ideas of education seem silly. Like we are just going to walk into the “perfect” classroom with the “perfect” students and have just a “perfect” teaching career. We act as if we are going to save the world. I am not looking to save the world. I just want to impact a child in such a way that they will not look at me and say, “She is such an easy teacher,” but rather, “Man, she is such a good teacher.” I feel that if we can impact just one child, we haven’t saved the world, but rather improved it.
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