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Teaching Philosophy Statement

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Teaching Philosophy Statement

Education is a tool that a person acquires through many years of development and learning, and will be continuously employed throughout the duration of their existence on Earth. The educational process in today’s society makes a great impression on the future of all of the individuals that pass through this system. An education should not only teach a person the basics in which they need to survive and have a successful career, but should also teach students to think logically, investigatively, critically, and help them to find who they are. Having a philosophy of teaching is very important in the fact that it will help me to understand and articulate decisions I will make in the classroom and in the school. An effective teacher’s philosophy will reflect the situations and realities of the classroom.

My major is General Science Education 5 - 12, so I plan to be teaching at the high school levels. I also plan to coach at the high school level. I believe my curriculum area is important because science is involved in almost every aspect of existence and a better understanding of many simple life processes can make a large difference in a person’s future. Also, many different job opportunities and careers branch from the sciences. Teaching science gives me the benefit of knowing that I may spark an interest in a student that will lead to them making great discoveries and innovations in the future.

There are many different intrinsic and extrinsic motives for my desire to become an educator and be a part of this educational process for future students. The intrinsic satisfactions that I will have are the ability to see my students succeed and to be a part in their mental growth, not only as a student but also as an individual. I have younger siblings and nothing makes you feel better than watching their eyes light up when they begin to understand the concept of a new idea. As an educator I will also get to see my students become individuals in today’s society and mature into adults.

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There are extrinsic motivational additions to the intrinsic ones. Educators have great benefits, and also receive the summers off. Also, as an educator and a coach I will get a chance to reach my students outside of the classroom as well. As a teacher I wish to accomplish many different goals. The main goal is being a positive role model in some student’s life and motivating them to make something of themselves and to make a difference in the world.

If I had to decide on which philosophy of education I lean more towards involving teaching, I would have to say pragmatist, but I am an eclectic when it comes to all aspects involved in the educational process. The classroom is an exceedingly significant element of the educational process since this is the habitat of most of the process. My arrangement of the seating will not differ far from what is found in many of the classrooms now. My seating will be mostly linear with a few adjustments. My seating will be staggered, similar to auditorium seating, with the second row in the gaps of the front row and the third row directly behind the first row. Basically the rows are linear while the columns are staggered. If my room consists on bulletin boards they will be, for the most part, decorated with posters connecting life outside the classroom to science. Since I will be a coach as well, I will probably also have some sort of sporting events calendar or something along those lines. Being a science teacher I know that I will supplement projects and experiments into my teaching curriculum. I believe that you shouldn’t just learn science from the book, but should sometimes experience it as well. This is where the pragmatist in me comes out. I believe in hands on experience and problem solving rather than rote memorization.

Apart from how my classroom will look and how it is set up is how I plan to run the classroom. I will react to different aspects in running a classroom with separate manners and will establish diverse “roles”. With classroom organization I will probably establish an authoritarian role. I am a person who likes to have organization in the classroom, especially in a science class. Organization in a science class will reduce the chance of injury to a student and the chance of any other type of accident. When it comes to motivation I will be a non-authoritarian. I believe that motivation is the key to being a great educator. If one can motivate, there is an endless amount of ideas and concepts one can teach a student.

Discipline is an area I will waiver back and forth between authoritarian and non-authoritarian. When it comes to discipline I would have to say that I lean more to the idealist point of view. How I react to a discipline problem will largely be affect by school policy. If there is an action that is in policy to be taken with certain action I must follow procedure. Otherwise I will deal with the problem in my own manor. Although I lean more towards the idealist point of view on discipline I also agree with some pragmatist views. I will be a teacher who will try to involve the office as little as possible, but will use it as a last resort.

Like the way I deal with discipline, my teaching styles will vary from traditional to facilitative. Using traditional styles, my seating is mostly linear, I will lecture, and most activities will be teacher directed. On the other hand, I also use facilitative styles such as problem solving, group work, and using other materials other than the text. I believe that to learn students will need a mixture of these two teaching styles. Leadership will be a slightly different story. I believe we have teachers in the classroom not only to teach but also have to direct the path of the curriculum and to lead the classroom. A teacher should have all leadership responsibilities in the classroom, so that they are not at fault for anyone else’s mistakes or decisions.

Educational reform is something that politicians seem to be pursuing every time you hear the news. Educational reform may have a positive effect on my classroom, so I would support a reform if it were this case. If I felt it would have a negative effect I would be campaign against it. I believe that some schools require reform but others are functioning fine as they are.

In conclusion education is an integral part in a person’s life. An educator should have a philosophy of education so that they can justify their means for their actions and decisions they will make in the classroom. My philosophy is a mixture, so I am classified as an eclectic. I believe as an eclectic I will better be able to reach more students because of my diverse ways in which I handle different situation.
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